How do you know if you need a whole house dehumidifier rather than a standard dehumidifier? The obvious answer is if your whole house is suffering from an excess of humidity. The other answer is just to what extent and how many rooms are suffering? If you deem that two, three or more rooms require attention than you should at least consider a whole house dehumidifier.

But …

But … they are quite pricey unfortunately. As they are more sophisticated and larger than your standard smaller models, this hikes the price up. They average around $ 1000 + but the price is warranted permitting you have the money and a real need for one, as they will do a fantastic job.

How Do They Work?

The same as a smaller model, but on a much larger scale as you can tell. While a standard dehumidifier will consume the surrounding air, remove its moisture and pump it back out, its how whole house dehumidifiers are fitted which differs. Whole house dehumidifiers will be connected to an existing or new cooling / heating / air conditioning system and will use your other vents to its advantage consuming moisture through them.

They also remove more moisture than your average dehumidifier, around 10 gallons a day.

Benefits of Whole House Dehumidifiers

Low maintenance. Units can be piped into your drain system so you actually have it installed, turn it on and let it go. Water will be pumped directly out of the house. No more collecting and replacing water trays / buckets

They do not take up floor space. As they are attached to your cooling / heating / air condition system, they will not take up living space

Automated operation. Switch it on and watch it go. They'll also monitor humidity levels and adjust to what ever settings you have programmed

– Dehumidifies your entire home effortlessly

– Prevents a whole host of problems and issues related to humidity

Quiet operation

Disadvantages of Whole House Dehumidifiers

– As they are bigger and more advanced than standard units, the cost is greater to run them though it would be cheaper than having multiple portable units spread through the home

– Unless you have the man power, skills and knowledge to fit one your self, then you will need to hire an installation team

The Bottom Line

They are expensive, there is no avoiding that. But if your home is suffering as a whole they may very well be worth your investment if you can afford it. Some people believe purchasing more smaller and less expensive units that they can spread around their house is a smart idea, but it is actually more cost effective to bite the bullet and go for a whole house one. Why? Because the cost to run all of those smaller room sized units will cost you a lot more than to run just the one whole house dehumidifier. Not to mention whole house models will be far more reliable and efficient.