The term “green” seems to be everywhere now a days and it is used by just about every type of company in the world. One of the tools that is recognized as a gauge for things green is the Life Cycle Assessment. For all products that are manufactured the life cycle starts with the raw materials, goes through different manufacturing processes and then the finished product is shipped to the consumer. This is a very simplified explanation but is the basis for figuring out how green a product is.

All balm manufacturing companies should feel that “green” is the only way to go! In fact it should be all the balm company's mantra that “being green” is the only way to go.

All of the raw materials that are used in balms should be 100% natural such as the beeswax, shea butters, carrier oils and essential oils. The proper processing of most of these ingredients is extremely energy efficient and the waste which consists of leaves, flowers, and roots is typically reprocessed as organic fertilizer. Not only that but the production of many of these oils actually help people around the world.

There are cooperative cottage industries all over the world that are owned by local people who produce these oils and butters and beeswax. Not large corporations but ordinary people make this happen on a local level. What a great concept!

Once all these raw materials are processed they are usually beloved or placed into containers of some type and shipped to our production facility. The beeswax, butters and carrier oils need to be heated and then the essential oils are added last. The balm mixture is then stirred, poured, room cooled, sealed and boxed for shipment.

The tin containers which most qualified balm companies use should be certified lead free that we use have been designed to be recycled as knick-knack containers that can be used over and over. Once the balm has been used up the container will remain as a great place to put your stuff in.

This is what green is all about! Another facet of the green process is the imprinting of the tin which means we do not use glue and paper for the labels that you will find on many skin product containers and in keeping with our eco-friendly corporate policy the lithographic inks are also lead free.

When you use any our balms, all of the balm in the recyclable container is rubbed onto your skin or smoothed on your lips leaving no residue and no carbon footprint. Most balm products represent the ultimate in a green life cycle.