Having your colon cleansed may seem like a great idea for many people, especially with many people worried about toxins in the environment and nuclear plant meltdowns. The major question is does it work? Also is it worth it to do? First lets go over exactly what a colon cleanse really is. Basically, a colon cleanse is forcing the colon to release everything in it. People have been doing it for as long as humans have been alive. The theory is that undigested food builds up in the digestive system it causes toxins which circulate through the blood stream harming someone's health.

There are really two methods to clean the colon out. The first is to buy a whole bunch of products and do it yourself. The second is to see a professional to do it for them. If you're wondering if it will work, sure it will clean your colon out. Of course not everyone is in an agreement if it is a good idea. A colon cleanse in certain situations can be helpful like if someone needs to remove something in their colon. One thing to think about, is what if doing it removes good things like vital nutrients? Also is really a good idea to bring rapid change to your body? This is why it is not a clear cut answer that doing these cleanses on a regular basis is helpful. Then you add the financial costs of some of these ingredients and professionals who charge them and it's questionable.

My thoughts are that colon cleanses are a bunch of BS Of course, I could be wrong. My idea is to drink plenty of water. Consume a diet with good fiber with a variety of food. Limit processed foods since it makes sense that our bodies would have a hard time digesting it. Exercise on a regular basis then let the colon do its job rather than jerking it around. Plus the liver destroys toxins, and natural bacteria in your system helps destroy any harmful toxins that someone may want to kill through a colon cleanse. If you do decide to do the whole cleansing of the colon a few good ideas would be not to do it to regularly, drinks plenty of water so you do not dehydrate yourself. Get a list of the all the stuff your putting into your body. If you see a professional for the colon cleanse of course make sure the equipment is clean and lastly check with your doctor before you start.