With proper knowledge, one could protect himself as well as his loved ones from the dangers of mold-related diseases. Everyone should take part in the reduction of toxic molds present in our environment since they could contaminate the air we breathe in. We should be observant with our surroundings so that we could execute needed measures right away to get rid of molds and mildews.

Decrease Mold Exposure

Individuals who have a weak immune system should always avoid places where molds likely develop. Set a time to clean your yard. After sweeping, do not leave piles of leaves and other compost materials at the corner. Dispose garbage on time. You are giving an opportunity for molds to grow on them if you leave them there even for a short period of time. We could control mold growths indoors by keeping the humidity levels between forty to sixty percent. Specific areas of the house which are usually left lightly wet like bathrooms and kitchens must be well ventilated. Knowing air to move about a damp room would help dry up the moisture, hence protecting the room from being infected by molds. When the room is air-conditioned, be sure that it is free from molds because moist makes their growth faster. Fix water problems at once. Use a good soap or bleach when cleaning hard surfaces your home.

Control Indoor Molds

One of the best way to free your home from molds limiting the amount of moisture present. Bathrooms must be well ventilated. If there is no proper ventilation available, have someone install an exhaust fan on your bathrooms ceilings. Although ventilation could help dry wet places, excessive ventilation should be avoided. The use of a mechanical ventilation system is a lot better since it provides the room with fresh filtered air. Make sure to seal air leaks from the outer part of your house to avoid the entrance of air carrying mold spores. Make sure that there is a good air circulation present in closed damp areas of the house like attics, laundry room, basements or closets. Keep the light on in damp areas. Clean ceiling fans monthly and repair roof leaks right away. Remove carpets which are placed in damp rooms. Wipe dry the door seal of your refrigerator's freezer. Do not allow leftovers to be kept inside your refrigerator for a long time.

Control Outdoor Molds

Do not disregard the exterior part of your house. If you have sprinklers make sure that the water flow is directed away from your house and does not reach the walls. Consider the level of the ground. Be sure there are no areas which are significantly lower than the others because this could lead water to settle there for a period of time. Always check the gutters if the flow of the water is not being blocked by anything. Dispose decaying organic material found in your yard at once.

Clean Molds

Make sure the room is well ventilated before you begin. Open windows and doors to provide fresh air. If the area infested by molds is just small, it is easier to clean. Just use detergent and water. It would be better to apply a bleach solution to the infected area to kill mold spores that may still be present on it. When using bleach, avoid mixing it with other cleaning products because this could create fumes that may be harmful to your respiratory system. Protect yourself with gloves and eye gears when cleaning. You may also wear mask to prevent yourself from inhaling contaminated air. Nowadays there are several cleaning products made especially to get read of molds and mildew. Strictly follow the instructions written on the packaging. Place contaminated materials in bags for disposal.