Vacuum trucks have a wide range of uses in many industries and are probably most associated with cleaning out sewers and septic tanks. There is another use for this extraction vehicle that is becoming more widely known and that is the cleaning of air duct systems. Following is some basic information about this truck and its use in making home and work environments healthier.

Air Duct System Information

Most homes are equipped with air duct systems that allow for the circulation of heated and cooled air. It is all part of an energy-efficient home and work environment and modern design has created a much greater 'sealed' climate than used to be possible. Studies have revealed that the atmosphere inside a building is 4 to 7 times higher in pollutants than that outside of a building. Yet most people spend about 80 to 90 percent of their time inside buildings. As a result, the risk of suffering respiratory problems for both young and old alike is increasing.

Over a period of time, air ducts can become an arsenal of particles and substance that are dangerous to human health. These particles may include pollen, mouse droppings, animal dander, dust mites, fungus, bacteria, insulation, etc. Surprisingly, other materials can also be found inside the air duct system such as cans, pop bottles, toys, tools, paper, and other debris that further hinders the proper functioning of the system.

A poorly maintained air duct forces all of these possible contaminants into the building and is inhaled every time anyone takes a breath inside this structure. To ensure that the inside atmosphere being inhaled is clean; the duct system should be regularly cleaned and maintained.

Vacuum Truck Information

Vacuum trucks consist of a high-powered suction motor and one large container mounted on a truck chassis. The most common use for this versatile piece of equipment is for cleaning septic tanks as well as in municipal waste disposal fleets for street cleaning and sewer maintenance to name a few of the many tasks this vehicle can accomplish.

These vehicles are classified based on the following factors: type of material to be extracted; weight; capacity; and other items. The extraction system can be powered either from the vehicle's engine PTO (power take-off) or from a dedicated motor.

Cleaning the Air Duct System

Vacuum trucks have been used by companies offering their services to vacuum residential and commercial air duct systems. The equipment consist of a custom-built high-powered extraction system that removes anything inside the air ducts. Usage of a commercial high-powered truck-based cleaning arrangement allows for more effective and efficient removal of all debris and particles from the conduits that transport the heated and cooled air. This action eliminates hazardous material and particles that are dangerous to one's health.

The initial step is for a company performing such work to send a qualified and trained technician to access the main duct system for cleaning. Upon completion of the cleaning task, that company will conduct a final inspection to ensure that air duct system is properly sealed. They can also vacuum the furnace, coils and blowers to remove built-in dirt that reduces proper performance. This alone could reduce heating and cooling expense!

Do not try to attack the dirt in these conduits as a DIY project. Instead, use a company that can do a much more complete cleaning job with that powerful extraction vehicle known as the vacuum truck!