Unsafe drinking water can make you ill very quickly or it can damage your health over time. In the US and most industrialized countries, we do not have to worry too much about illness. Government regulations help protect us from bacteria and other illness-causing pathogens. But, we do have to worry about the contaminants that can damage our long-term health.

According to the Environmental Working Group, exposure to small amounts of toxins on a regular basis places a burden on the organs of our body. The burden on the organs responsible for cleansing our blood is particularly great. The liver and kidneys suffer.

The burden placed on our bodies may increase our risk of cancer. Numerous studies have shown that people exposed to chemicals typically found in public drinking water supplies are more likely to develop certain kinds of cancer.

The risks are even higher in certain areas, because known carcininogens like benzene have been found in test samples. Benzene contamination could have been due due to industrial activity.

Herbicides and pesticides are toxic chemicals and their use is definitely widespread. Those chemicals, like everything else, eventually end up in the water supply.

No matter where you live, you could have unsafe water in your home, because of parasitic cysts. They will make you sick. Continued treatment facilities best efforts, they can not guarantee that cysts are not present.

Traces of lead and copper are problems in many homes. The metals are leached from pipes and fittings. In most areas, chlorine is used as a disinfectant.

Chlorine is corrosive. It breaks down even more lead and copper. Copper is not dangerous at low levels, but no amount of exposure to lead is considered safe.

Luckily, there are things we can do to turn unsafe water into something safe to drink. All we have to do is select an effective home water purifier . The better ones will remove all kinds of chemicals, traces of lead and parasitic cysts.

They are affordable and should be present in any home.

You might think that buying bottled is a better solution. Bottled beverages are regulated by the FDA. They may be even less safe than the publicly treated supply. The allowable bacterial count is higher. The liquid may be contaminated with cysts. And the bottles themselves are a source of chemical contamination.

When you have a good home water purifier, you do not have to worry about unsafe drinking water and you save a lot of money by not buying bottled.