The Environmental Protection Agency requires that the water treatment facilities regularly perform a water quality test to determine if the water they are providing you is safe for you to drink. The truth is that even performing daily tests for microorganisms and high toxin and carcinogen levels is not enough to take public drinking water safe for human consumption. Let me explain exactly what I mean by this.

The Safe Drinking Water Act allows the EPA to issue two types of safe drinking water standards. The first of these are primary standards which regulate any substances which could negatively affect human health, and secondary standards are in place to regulate aesthetic qualities of drinking water such as appearance, odor, and taste. The EPA is really only successful in regulating secondary standards of drinking water.

The secondary standards are easy for the water treatment facilities to comply with, because all they have to do is control the amounts of the chemicals necessary provide you with clear, fresh tasting, and clean smelling water.

Primary standards issues are harder to control, because honestly the water quality test the treatment facilities perform for contaminants are a complete waste of time. They can not really do anything about the level of contamination in your water anyway.

Even if the treatment facilities find that contamination levels in your water are higher than what is allowed by the EPA, they can not do anything to really lower these levels. Service interruption can occur if levels are too out of control, but there are always going to be contaminants present in some measure.

This is important for you to know, because there is absolutely nothing that the treatment facilities can do to prevent drinking water tainted to some degree by contamination from entering your home.

A regular water quality test is not really very helpful, because the treatment facilities can not prevent the transmission of potentially harmful pollution into the public water system. Using the technology the treatment facilities currently have nothing of the same or less molecular weight of water can be triggered from passing through the system. Similarly, nothing of microscopic size can be filtered out either.

This fact poses a threat to the health of everyone who consumes water provided by the municipal drinking water treatment facilities. There is estimated to be as many as 80,000 individual toxic and carcinogenic chemical agents present in our groundwater and reservoir systems. In addition to these contaminants, there are toxic heavy metals and disinfectant resistant pathogens present in public drinking water as well.

No water quality test is going to protect your family from the negative effects of accumulating these harmful contaminants in your bodies, but there is something out there that can provide you with security.

The use of a home tap water purification filter equipped with a combination of activated granular carbon, ion exchange, and a sub micron filter can effectively make your water up to 99% contaminant free.

If you are not receiving municipal water but drawing your water from a natural source, then I suggest you have someone perform water quality test on your water.

No matter how the test comes back, I advise you to install a home tap water purification filter as well, because the contamination in our groundwater can affect you just as well as anyone else.

Sound advice if you want to remain healthy.