Like every other major city in the world, Sydney has become quite involved in sustainable ecological development through the implementation of laws and the development of special programs that aim to reduce pollution, energy waste and environmental harm. The legislation that regulates environmental protection is the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act in 1999, to which there have been made several additions, such as the Clean Energy Act in 2001, the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 and the Renewable Energy Act in 2010 . All these laws are meant to protect the environment and provide a solid legal framework that commercial institutions and individuals and contribute in order to contribute to a better city. Effort are being made to reduce energy consumption and water pollution. To this extent, homeowners are particularly encouraged to adopt an eco-friendly attitude and make small residential changes that, in time, will have a positive impact on the environment and will help rebalance it. One of these changes reflects to the transition towards green Sydney carpet cleaning. Fortunately, people were quite receptive to these changes and statistics show that in the past 20 years the quality of water in Sydney has improved considering.

One of the alternatives that was proposed instead of conventional cleaning solutions and detergents is Sydney steam cleaning, which involves the use of steam and does not harm the environment. Considering that this service has become very popular and widespread throughout the city, with dozens of companies including it in their service range, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that Sydney residents have developed an interest in sustainable ecological development and that they welcome the changes needed to contribute to a better planet. Steam cleaning is just one of the changes that shows that efficient results can be obtained with gentle substances, without wasting natural resources or leaving chemical waste behind.

One of the major environmental projects that was initiated in Sydney is Sydney 2030 – an endeavor to build a solid renewable energy master plan and protect the environment, while at the same time developing the economy and integrate Sydney completely into the global community. As part of this project, residents and commercial enterprises are encouraged to make minor changes that together have a positive impact. These changes refer to the use of energy and natural resources and also to controversial cleaning solutions that have been proven to lead to water contamination.

Since Sydney is known for its varied surfing activities, authorities have taken a series of decisions to make sure that the waters are clean and safe. The National Water Commission Act 2004, which has several amendments is one of the key elements in the eradication of water pollution. Now more than ever, green infrastructure is taken into account before starting any kind of project. Whether or not Sydney will become a green city by 2030, it can not be said for sure. However, the industrial, commercial and residential changes that have been made in the past decades clearly indicate that some progress has been made.