Backpacking through any wild country is an easy avenue for an adventure. Still, there's no harm in bringing along modern-day gadgets to keep anyone safe and protected while enjoying the outdoor experience. Wherever you may go and you just need a fresh clean drinking water, only the best product in the existing today can offer that, it's the state-of-the-art MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter. If you might be a serious backpacker, then you would surely appreciate the value associated with this lightweight portable water microfilter. Living off the land is actually such a good terrific adventure for you to have, however unfortunately, the wonderful outdoors is normally not really as pristine as it was.

This particular MiniWorks microfilter can be your recommended water purifier when you're thinking to have that outdoor adventure because it can clean water easily through rivers, wells as well as other various water sources. This ultra-portable water microfilter happens to be equipped with ceramic filters that will serve as the very first line of defense against harmful parasites and other bacteria in unknown outdoor water sources. With frequent cleaning, its ceramic filter will be able to filter up to 2,000 liters of clean or filtered water before it needs to be replaced. The good thing relating to the MiniWorks microfilter is having a new built-in indicator in order to notify users when it is time to change filter cartridges.

Aside of the particular cartridge, MiniWorks microfilter is considered easy to use as well as put together. You do not need to worry for losing its parts because the particular device has only six components that need to be assembled: these are the main pump with handle, hard plastic body, ceramic filter, bottom cap, filter wear indicator and the sixth is the feed tube. Most of these parts will snap together so there is no need to be worried about accidentally breaking or damaging its parts. The micro filter's tube has a float so it could pump water close to the water surface, and certainly not on the sediments at the bottom of the water source just like a river or perhaps a lake.

MiniWorks is not just handy but lite enough to be transported inside the backpack yet quite tough enough to basic contaminants found in outdoor water sources. With a filter pore size not less than 1.0 microns, this particular portable microfilter will get rid of just about 99 percent of bacteria found in the water together with almost 100 percent of particulates, parasites, along with some other common chemicals.

In connection to it, it has no aftertaste that is common to other water filter. Then again, the MiniWorks microfilter is not intended to sift through certain viruses, so it is advised to have an extra precaution and boil the water from the microfilter or just treat it with chlorine for your own safety.

Speaking about filtration, you can optimize the capability of your MiniWorks EX by always checking the filter periodically. If there is less water produced in the feed tube, then you need to clean the filter. Neverheless, do not overdo the scrubbing because it might destroy the purifier's filter and made it thinner that may cause cracks and even breaking it altogether. A free scrubbing pad is included inside the bundle of the MiniWorks package, but it's far better to ask your dealer to be sure. This MiniWorks EX microfilter is about a $ 100-a great value for a backpacker. Look for it in the Amazon to find less as well as more competitive price.