The Healthy Home book, authored by Dr. Myron Wentz and his son, Dave Wentz, was released in March 2011. This book is focused on one of the most important areas of our lives, our home. At its core, this truth-revealing, book uncovers the hidden household dangers lurking in every area of ​​our home like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, and front / backyard.

As per Dr. Wentz, the book was written to make people aware of the toxic world that we live in, including our homes, and provide simple, yet effective ways to reduce or eliminate the levels of toxins so as to lead healthier lives.

Most people are not aware of the hidden dangers in their homes, the main reason being, they just have not thought about it. What I liked about this book is that it not only uncovers the household dangers which are easy to understand, but gives simple solutions and encourages readers to take baby steps every day rather than being overwhelmed overnight.

So the million dollar question is what are those hidden dangers and how do we go about making our homes safe from toxins, pollutants and hazards? The books covers a whole load of hidden dangers, however, let me highlight some of the more common ones that you need to be aware of:

Fresh Air: whenever possible open those windows and let the fresh air come in and more importantly let the stale trapped air from inside your home get out so we can breathe healthy. Similarly, even on the worst air quality day, the air inside our homes is 5 times more polluted than the air outside.

Water: we need to consume a whole lot of it and therefore, it's essential to ensure that our drinking water is clean and free from toxins. Reverse osmosis is a good way to go about it, as well as other options like distillation and using carbon filters. The other aspect of drinking water, especially when on-the-go, is to use steel containers rather than plastic bottles.

Plastic Storage Containers: most of us use them to store leftover food and for other food storage. Plastic containers are not good to our health because they are leaching toxins in our food, so try to replace them with glass containers instead. One of the most harmful of these toxins is Bisphenol A (BPA) which has found to mimic estrogen.

Personal Care Products: make an effort to reduce the number of personal care products that we use to cover our skin. Most of these products contain parabens and chemical preservatives which are harmful to our bodies. Instead, focus on building healthy skin from within by eating healthy and getting proper nutrition.

Electronic Gadgets: try to reduce our exposure to unnecessary electronic equipments, like wireless devices, which give out radio-frequency or electromagnetic radiations. Keep them away from our bedroom side table so as to aid a good night's rest and reduce our exposure to EMF radiation.

Wear Gloves: when scrubbing the floors, cleaning the washroom, doing any maintenance on your vehicle or working in the backyard. This will help protect our skin from absorbing harmful chemicals and toxins, in case we're using products that contain toxic materials.

As indicated earlier, the Healthy Home book covers a ton of other hidden dangers in various areas of our home. It's important to take the time to understand and learn about these potential dangers as part of living a healthy lifestyle. One final piece of advice is that once you've read the Healthy Home book, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of change that is required.

The important thing is not to worry, rather, start making small changes every day or on a regular basis. Maybe, you can focus on the most urgent changes first in various rooms, or tackle one room at a time, whatever you feel comfortable with and enjoy the process. Do not make healthy living a program, make it a lifestyle.