Sleeping time is normally with my Sonnet, but tonight she chose to sleep in Mama Lou and Papa Jeff's condo unit because Gav, her cousin – and not just any cousin but her favorite cousin – is there for the summer break.

Being alone, as my Sweetie had gone off to work early for a meeting with his team, I did my usual activities. These activities included organizing my closet and Jon's as well, changing Sonnet's bedding, reading, and a bit of Facebooking.

Before logging on to my FB account, I remembered the Silvanas that Sweetie bought this morning from work. The Silvanas were from Jon's fellow supervisor, as the latter had been on a paid leave for two weeks to attend his son's graduation in Dumaguete City.

Jon received two boxes of Dumaguete's best Silvanas from his thought coworker, much to my delight. However addicted I am to this sweet pastry, I do not drool over every Silvanas brand that I see. But tonight I could not ignore the one inside the refrigerator, so I sat with the box and I'm glad I did because I stumbled upon a serious topic from Thrive.

Thrive is an organization that I have been following for quite some time, as it supports free energy, natural cure, and life in its purest form. The topic that Thrive had for today was about the health dangers that geoengineering has introduced to the world through weather modification.

All of a sudden, memories of Bagyong Ondoy came back and I was scared once again. I could not come to grips with the crazy idea of ​​playing with the weather just to prove one's power over humanity. It's completely inane.

I can not believe some people, and I mean those people who are aiming for global governance, will do anything to own everything – even the weather! Surprisingly, this artificial weather movement has been around for decades and we do not even know about it.

It's a good thing I had my Silvanas. Aside from the calcium contained in the milk that was mixed into this delicacy, it will definitely help you keep your composition.

I used to consider typhoons and other natural calamities as inevitable. Unfortunately, I look at them from a different perspective these days. Every time I hear the PAGASA say that there is a storm approaching the Philippines, I could not help but wonder who's tinkering with the weather this time?