One of the most favorite family pastimes by way of entertainment is to take a trip to the Zoo and see all of the wonderful collection of amazing animals that are found there. In addition to this, when the opportunity arises that one can escape back to nature and possibly catch one of these astounding animals running free in their own environment it certainly creates a wonderful memory.

Unfortunately this can soon become something that is no longer an opportunity for future generations. Global warming is having an adverse affect on our wildlife and many of us do not realize the consequences that this is going to have. There has been a lot of attention paid to global warming in recent years and most people understand that it can have devastating effects on our lifestyle. However, they tend to neglect just how far reaching these effects I can be on the rest of the world, such as the animal kingdom.

Something as simple as the hibernation cycles of animals can be drastically affected by global warming. Animals that are by nature hibernates have to do so for a period of time, and with global warming it is giving them a shorter span for hibernation which is going to affect the entire animal kingdom in one way or another.

One of the issues with shorter hibernation means that when these animals come out of hibernation too early there is not enough food present to sustain them, and can affect their health when it comes to their breeding times. Sometimes what will happen is that the starvation will reduce the animal population as well as poor breeding conditions will mean less babies being born.

For the most part wild animals considered by people, are only given a thought to as being intriguing. Without one studies the lifestyles and purposes of animals, they do not realize just how important they are to be the substance of the world. It is time that individuals become concerned about the total condition of the world, and not to develop tunnel vision about their immediate surroundings. The environment has a domino effect on all matters of life. Therefore, consideration should be given to preserving the earth in its entity not only for future generations, but for the health of the human and animal population as it is in the world today.

Whether individuals are animal lovers or not, it certainly would be hard to phantom that many of the beautiful species that roam the earth today will no longer be in existence, if global warming is continuing at the rate that it is at now.