Air purifiers have changed immensely since their inception decades ago. We probably remember our first contact with one. Most likely it may have been visiting an older relative. That relative was sometimes a smoker. (we all probably remember how common smoking was back in those days; especially indoors)

Think back while we set the scene. You enter the room where the air quality system aka purifier is running and you know it's there before you see it. It blows continuously like a louder and less well-constructed fan. Many times there was a disturbing element to the noise, almost like a jet is warming up for take-off right in the living room. It seriously redefined annoying.

Then you got your bearings and had a chance to see the machine. It looked like a big box you'd see with lots of wires and hoses attached to it in a hospital room. How very depressed to make that mental connection.

The purifier had an industrial feel to it with its cold gray boxed appearance and wheels to help push around its massive girth. It totally ate up the appearance of the room and destroyed the efforts of any good interior decoration effort. It blended in like a cat at mouse convention. It really looked awful

You'd probably sit down and try to talk over it as it continued to blow and make loud noises. You wondered what the air purifier was doing. It made a lot of noise, but you could only feel air move if you were right up close. Plus the room still reeked of the impure second-hand smoke-filled air.

There were different settings. (maybe) Loud, Louder and Roaring I think they were?

Thankfully the modern evolution which has emerged in air purifiers has kept up with the public's demand for a machine that does the job, over a wide area, and does it with minimal noise.

Three speed push button controls are an advancement in the American Made Vornado AQS. The existence of this feature allows for two major benefits not seen in the old-fashioned clunky air purification system.

The Vornado AQS promises energy efficiency resulting directly from the ability of the user to master what speed is necessary for air purification in the space. In other words a Vornado AQS runs more efficiently and grabs more impurities than the highest speed on many competitive models.

The user can adjust to one of the sessions and control the back ground noise as well. A Vornado AQS uses vortex technology to circulate in a larger area than competitors who lack this feature. Vornado guarantees that it will be felt, not seen or heard.

A user should be on the lookout for the three-speed push button control with vortex type technology as a desired feature in choosing an air purification system.