I sincerely hope you are not one of the many consumers who have fallen prey to the alkaline water myth, because that would probably mean you are out a whole lot of money. These extremely expensive electrolysis devices will not give you the healthy water you are after, and it is a shame that people are finding this out only after they have made their purchase. Maybe I have caught you before it is too late.

The promise behind this device is to introduce electricity into the drinking water in order to increase alkalinity. The benefits of increasing alkalinity are that you can remain free of cancer, that you can offset the negative effects of ingesting highly acidic foods, and that the ionized water naturally supplies the body with antioxidants. This all sounds great, but unfortunately none of it is true.

Probably the most heavily advertised alkaline water myth is the one about preventing cancer, and there is some validity to the claim. It has been scientifically proven that cancer cells can not survive in a high alkaline environment, but neither can any other living cells. It does not matter anyway; as the human body has natural buffers in place that prevent your pH levels from becoming too alkaline, or too acidic.

The next thing I want to talk about is how raising your pH levels can counteract the effects of acidic food. Since the body prevents surges in alkalinity by producing more carbon dioxide and less bicarbonate, it only makes sense that it would react to a rise in acidity by increasing bicarbonate and releasing greater amounts of carbon dioxide. The body is designed to take care of itself, so you do not need ionized water to bring pH levels back into balance.

The last alkaline water myth has to do with ionized water supplying antioxidants to the body. Electrifying drinking water in no way infuses the liquid with antioxidants, so do not count on getting any health benefits here either. You can get the antioxidants you need from varying food sources, and taking a daily fish oil supplement is an excellent way to increase antioxidants, and get all of your essential fatty acids.

Not only will this type of device offer you no real health benefits, but it fails to protect you from a major reason for you becoming sick. Toxins and carcinogens number in the tens of thousands in our water supply, and these substances build up in your system over time. You can do more for your health by preventing this buildup, than by doing virtually anything else.

Now that you know the truth about the alkaline water myth you can turn your focus towards something that will reap great rewards. A high quality dual chamber tap water purifier with activated granular carbon, a sub micron filter, and ion exchange will eliminate 99% of the dangerous substances in your water.

This will greatly improve your chances of staying healthy down the road.

I hope I exposed the alkaline water myth in time to steer you in the right direction.