How Your Environment Controls Your Life

Our environment is all that matters. The people in it have a direct impact on the quality of our lives. Ways to ensure a life free from abuse and torment, is to clean out your environment. No matter how small or insignificant the interactions may be, we must always be aware that everything will either contribute positively or negativity into our lives. The people you live with or play with or work with will either help you or bring you down.

We all want to live free of any abuse or fear and avoid negative things from entering our lives, so the best way to make that a reality is to be aware of who you share space with. Once we are aware of the huge impact people and things in our space play in the success and happiness of our lives we will most certainly be more picky. Control your life and future, and do not fall victim to another persons downwards spiral or negative bubble space. Once our bubbles touch the ripple effect starts and we are affected by them.

To illustrate this point I will share my life lesson from last night. I had a strange universal message happened last night, where I'm reminded of how having a positive environment is of the utmost importance in life. One particular roommate of mine is questionable and a drag on society. He is a negative blob in my environment that I try to ignore at all costs. Last night my boyfriend's car and my car were keyed from this disgruntled roommate. We were wanting to get rid of this person for some time now, and this was a sign that we can not be around people who are abusive, negative, and useless.

I'm reminded of why it makes such a difference to have the people around you on a good vibration who brings happiness and enables positive actions. This is also another big reminder that even if you think you may have it all under control, where you are not being affected by negative people, if you are around them in any way (even if you ignore them) they will have an effect on you.

Lesson 2 million five hundred thousand and twenty: Your environment on the outside as well as the inside needs to be free from all negative people / emotions in order to really have control of your life. I will not have full control over what happens in my life until I eliminate negative thoughts and people who are bringing me down, even if it is just being the average of the 5 people that share my living space.

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Carbon Monoxide, The Silent Killer – How Can I Protect My Home?

The winter storm that carved its way through parts of the Midwest, the Northeast and into Canada last week left thousands of people without electric power.

Many people decided to use a generator in order to have at least a limited supply of power in their homes.

Unfortunately, using gasoline or propane powered generators has an inherent risk. If they are used indoors, or their exhaust gases get indoors, they can cause death from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Fatal Carbon Monoxide poisoning can occur even if the generator is placed in an attached garage or is closer than 15 feet from windows or doors. CO gas can see into your home through the smallest of cracks and build to a high concentration before anyone is aware that it is present.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that kills by reducing the blood's ability to carry oxygen to the brain. It only takes four to six minutes without oxygen before a person becomes unconscious and dies.

Symptoms of early CO poisoning include: Headache, Fatigue, Nausea and Dizziness.

As these symptoms are very similar to influenza, these early warnings often go unheeded.

If you or another family member has any of these symptoms trying going outside for 15 minutes, if the symptoms subside, suspect the existence of CO gas in your home.

As many as 8 people have died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning created by their own emergency generators in the just the last few weeks. One man died from CO poisoning while he was refilling his generator in an enclosed shed.

Gasoline fueled generators, propane BBQ's and any device that uses a fuel-driven fire emits CO gas. This includes gas ranges, gas ovens, clothes dryers, furnaces, fireplaces, grills, water heaters and vehicles.

Never run a generator or fuel burning appliance inside a basement, garage, or other enclosed structure, unless the equipment has been professionally installed and properly vented.

These fatalities are truly unfortunate because all of these accidental deaths were easily preventable; Install battery-powered Carbon Monoxide detectors on each floor of your home.

The only way to determine the presence of Carbon Monoxide gas is with a detector. You can not see it, taste it or smell it.

Because CO is slightly lighter than air, the detectors should be mounted on the wall about 5 feet above the floor, or on the ceiling. If you are getting just one detector, place it near the bedrooms and be sure it is loud enough to wake you up. Be sure to check the batteries every six months.

In Canada, a bill is previously before parliament to introduce a law making CO detectors mandatory in every home in the country.

It is a shame that we need to be forced into protecting ourselves when a $ 30 CO detector could save our own live and those of our families.

Please do not wait, get your family protected from this silent killer by installing CO detectors in your home as soon as possible.

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Reasons For Choosing Organic Food Products

In the present days, organic food products are getting popular. Using organic methods to produce food has become more reliable to keep us healthy. When we use organic methods to produce food, synthetic and chemical substances are no longer used to kill pests or to fertilize the soil. Instead of using these old ways, we will prefer to use the natural and organic methods to prevent pests and to fertilize our soils.

Maybe we're wondering how we can prevent pests that destroy our farms if we can not use the usual pesticides. Actually, we can replace the chemical pesticides with organic methods that are more natural. First, we have to make sure that our farms are healthy by controlling the plants regularly, the soils, and the foliage. Next, we can use beneficial insects such as praying mantis, ladybugs, or hover-flies that naturally eat the pests. For bigger pests such as deer and rodents, we can control them from coming by creating non-toxic recipes that will deter them without having to kill them.

Other than pesticides, we may also use natural and organic fertilizers to replace the regular chemical fertilizers. These natural fertilizers include manures from animals, worm castings, decay vegetation, seaweed, humic acid, or even guano (another type of manures from seabirds or cave-bats). By using these natural fertilizers, we'll be able to make organic food products that are more beneficial for us and the world. Let's see some of the benefits.


Without any chemical or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, we have no concerns about consuming chemical substances as we do not use them.This way, we make sure that we consume healthy products for our body. Moreover, organic food products are also better for babies and pregnant women who are typically more sensitive to food products and need good ones for their health developments.

Helpful for the Environment

By using organic pesticides and fertilizers, we also help our environment as these natural pesticides that do not contain chemical substances and fertilizers such as biological manures will not pollute our environment. This means we are one step ahead in protecting our environment and clean water.

Better Taste and Flavor

By using natural and organic methods in managing our farms and making food products, we will not eat food with chemical taste and artificial addition. The products become purer, fresher, and also more natural.

Good for Animal Protection

Not only for us and the environment, we also help to protect the animals in the wild, fish, and birds that consume water in the lakes, oceans, and rivers to survive as we help preventing water pollution from pesticides. Additionally, by using natural recipes to deter deer, we do not need to kill them to protect our farms as they will not come.

Organic products usually cost more than the normal products. But, do not get terrified by the prices. It's logical that we'll have to pay a bit more for organic products. However, by keeping us healthy with organic products consumption, we have already received expensive medical bills.

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Drinking Water, the Parameter for Qualitative Water Treatment

Print media or social media, online or offline, every medium of information is being floated abuzz with the vital discussion of pure drinking water. Even article sites are no exception to this crucial element of mother nature. The crux of the matter is that water becomes suitable for drinking purposes only when it reaches to us after proper treatment. This treatment can only be perfect if the plant involved in the purification of water has been designed to the most optimum level.

The treatment of water being a huge process requires a number of procedures involved. The primary aim is to remove sludge and other such sewage type impurities. The next stage is that of removing toxic compounds like poisonous chemicals and gases. Even then the process only gets completed after the water is disinfected by removing bacterial organisms through advanced techniques like passage of UV rays.

Some years back, the understanding of treatment for water via a plant which is well designed was considered as something only meant for the industrial minds rather than for the masses. Now, since lots of info is at hand, people including expertise in this field may also publish magazines and journals regarding this industrial topic. Even the people from the administrations concerned are now paying attention to the importance of setting up such purification plants. Those industries which do not adhere to the standards set up by the authories are now concerned being made to pay fines which are one of the ways to get penalized.

A time may come when such topics of social concern may also be raised in tv debates even if they do not make for great television rating points. A good amount of credit may also be given to government bodies like the water resources ministry who have increased the awareness towards the importance of water treatment and their designs of plants intended to handle this process.

Every drop of water is essential. This is a very well-known fact throughout the world. So we can certainly conclude that the purity of water can not be compromised with. The treatment process via purification plants is just a baby step in the modernization process to avail pure drinking water. If people through the planet and especially on e zine articles get the message straight then the social aim of this article can be fulfilled.

Various outlet industries from the heavy industries sector which are involved in the manufacturing of parts like pipes, pumps and valves are also benefitting immensely. It's so as such parts and tools are used in the designing of the plants which treat water from its most crude to the purified form for consumption. Ultimately, it seems that this philanthropic style contracted industry will earn great profits in the years to come.

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The Story Behind The Gas Masks Of Today – Understanding Its Uses In The 21st Century

The development of the gas masks can not be attributed to any one name but can be traced back to the early 1915 when the modern day chemical warfare weapons started coming into play. However, the theory on which this particular device was structured can be further traced back to 1819 when the concepts of the modern day defense respirators had already been evolving. Augustus Siebe had invented a helmet, with an air pump and tube structure. This crude device again evolved in to the invention of 'Inhaler or Lung protector'. Lewis Haslett patented this device in 1849. This was an air-purifying respirator, which helped filter out dust particles and ash from the air, before inhalation.

The Resevoir- Rulateur was a new design, which was based on the same concept but was invented by Auguste Denayrouse and Benoit Reouquayrol. This was developed to help rescuers reach in to deep mines and save trapped miners. The development of the gas mask in 1914 was courtesy Garrett Morgan which developments on the device helped save 32 lives of people trapped in an underground tunnel over 250 feet below the Lake Erie. He patented his device as the Morgan Safety Hood and smoke protector.

Different types of gas masks

To understand more about the way to use gas masks in your life, you must know the different types of gas masks available currently. Understanding specific features individual to each gas mask will help you allocate the one that suits best to your type of situation.

• Half mask air-purifying respirators: This mask has a cover for just the nose and mouth area. It allows the wearer to breathe easily through the filtration system without the inhaled air being contaminated by smoke, chemical or any kind of biological agents. These impurities are filtered out at the mouth or nose vent but they can still sting your eyes.

• Full-face respirators: These masks cover the entire ace area. They often come with a clear face-mask or an additional eyepiece to protect the eye while protecting the nose and mouth as well. However, there may arise some issues if there is a poor fit to the mask or there is a crack within the mask, which allows in the impurity other than the filtration system.

• Self contained breathing Apparatus: This is also known as the SCBA. In this kind of system, the air tank is filled with high-pressure purified air. This provides a consistent positive pressure on to the mask. This allows for aighter fit on the face. However, this system is quite expensive and often is categorized more for military use than for regular city pollution. These tanks are quite bulky and their load makes it difficult to be transported all the time. Again, the pressure system is quipped to carry only 60 minutes of purified air before it runs out. They are mostly generally used for firefighting, rescue operations military and diving use.

• Supplied air respirator: This respirator has the same kind of filter like the full face or half face respirator. However, they also have a type of filter attached to a canister with a fan forcing the air through the respirator. The canister is battery operated. This system solved the leak problem, which might be a problem for the full-face respirator. They are the most common options used for infants or small children because they have smaller faces and other kinds of respirators often can not fit. The filter in this system however, requires constant replacement, as do the batteries after each use.

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Health Hazards Associated With Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is associated with a wide range of health hazards. Over the years, the usage of all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment which emit electromagnetic radiation has increased. Many prospective universities and research institutes were expected to conduct experiments to determine if such radiation is harmful to human health or to the environment in general. Based on years of research, these institutions determined that such radiation is in fact very harmful and is associated with a variety of health and environmental hazards. Here, such institutions have advised people to take steps that will help them to minimize the risks of these hazards.

A study which was conducted by the University of Basel, Switzerland, found that irregular exposure to EMR can create discrepancies in the cells of an individual, even affecting the fragmentation of DNA. The study was conducted in the year 2009 and its findings were supported by protinent scientists around the world. This study was taken seriously by both developing and developed countries. As a result, governments around the world started taking steps to reduce the emission of EMR in their country. They also developed EMF meters which would help them to determine the level of radiation in various cities and towns of their country.

Further studies conducted and supported by the European Union and the World Health Organization has disclosed information about other health hazards associated with EMR. These hazards include abnormal cellular growth increasing the risk of cancer in people exposed to such radiation, birth defects in infections, skin diseases etc. Also, it was found that electromagnetic waves with very high frequency can crate hearing problems in some people. These studies have also found that the harmful effects of EMR can not be immediately observed and it does take a certain amount of time before the symptoms appear.

The biggest concern about electromagnetic radiation is that it can lead to global warming by increasing the surface temperature of our planet. The environmental effects of EMR are not very clear and studies have not been able to provide a clear idea about the kind of harm such radiation can cause to the environment. However, many persistent environmental scientists and researchers are of the opinion that the radiation emitted by electronic equipment, such as cell phones and microwave ovens, can harm the environment by disabling the composition of natural gases. Also, it can disrupt the growth of forests and plants that disrupting the eco-system.

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Information About Purchasing EMR Meters

EMR meters are very popular these days and they are widely used by individuals as well as businesses. They are instruments which can be used to measure the level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in any place. They detect the electromagnetic force present in that place and based on that they can determine the EMR level. They are used by industries to make sure that their factories and work places are not exposed to excessive amount of radiation. They are also used by individuals to make sure that the radiation level in their homes is low.

When it comes to purchasing EMR meters, people have to be very careful as there are way too many options to choose from. Here are a few tips that will help you in purchasing them:

1. Understand your needs – if you want to purchase them for personal (non-commercial) use, its better that you avoid those EMR meters which come with too many features and higher sensitivity to the presence of electromagnetic radiation as these equipments are mainly meant to be used by commercial establishments. You will be better off purchasing a basic meter with minimum amount of features. On the other hand, if you want to purchase them for commercial use, you will need to opt for those which come with higher sensitivity and more features.

2. Do not buy locally made products – there are many stores which make the EMR meters on their own, instead of acquiring them from reputed manufacturers. They sell these products to the end-users but these products are not very reliable and they do not last long as well. Here, you should avoid buying such products which are locally made by the shops themselves.

3. Purchase those which are reliable – the reliability of the instruments is very important when it comes to accurately measuring EMR level. Here, you should only purchase those meters which are manufactured by reputed brands and are known to be reliable. Such products will offer you with accurate readings and will also last for a long time.

4. Test them before purchasing – if possible, you should test the products before purchasing them. By doing so, you can be sure that the EMR meters are able to accurately detect all kinds of electro-magnetic waves created by different types of equipment. You should also check their sensitivity and data clarity so that you can be assured that the readings provided by them can be easily understood.

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The Various Applications of EMF Meters

EMF (electromagnetic force) Meters are scientific instrument which help in measuring electromagnetic force. Electro-magnetism is a phenomenon which refers to the magnetic properties of electric particles. During the flow of electric particles ie electrons, a certain form of magnetism is created which leads to the formation of an electromagnetic force. This force exists in most places where electricity or electronic equipment are used. The EMF meters help in measuring this force because of which they are used in a variety of industries and also have a wide range of applications. They are also available in many online and offline electronic stores.

Some of the applications of such meters are as follows:

1. Commercial Use – in various industries and factories where the workers have to use high intensity electrical equipment for a long duration every day, the employers use EMF meters to measure the electromagnetic force that exists there. By doing so, they try to understand if the radiation emitted by this force is too high. When it is found to be too high, they try to take measures to reduce it so that the health of their employees is not severely affected.

2 . Government Use – various governmental organizations and NGOs use EMF meters to measure the level of electromagnetic radiation in commercial or residential areas. They do so to ensure that industries and factories follow the official guidelines laid down by the United Nations to reduce the level of radiation in residential areas. When any industry is found to violate these guidelines, they are usually fined and their registrations might also be canceled.

3. Personal Use – due to the fact that people use a variety of electronic equipment these days, they are at the constant risk of being exposed to high levels of radiation. This is why, many people purchase and use EMF meters to find out if their place of residence is safe from electromagnetic radiation. The readings obtained from these meters help them to make sure that their house or office is not exposed to excessive amount of radiation.

4. Paranormal Use – many ghost hunters believe that EMF meters can be used to hunt ghosts as they can measure electromagnetic force created by paranormal activities. The ghost hunters use these meters to determine if any particular place is haunted by ghosts or other supernatural animals. However, there is no scientific proof that these meters can detect the presence of any supernatural entity.

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How to Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can be very harmful to human animals and animals. Research conducted by the World Health Organization and various other research institutes around the world has indicated that such radiation can create a lot of problems for humans. They are also considered as harmful to the environment. Most of the electronic devices that we use in the 21st century emit such radiation. This is why, people need to be very careful while using such devices. Given the fact that we are highly dependent on these devices, we can not avoid using them. Here, we need to take other precautions for protecting ourselves.

Here are a few tips that will help you in protecting yourself against electromagnetic radiation:

1. Purchase an EMF meter – an EMF meter will help you to determine if your place of residence or office is under the risk of extreme exposure to EMR. These devices are readily available in the market. They can be purchased from various online stores as well. You can easily use an EMF meter to find out if the radiation level in your house or office is within acceptable limits or not. Based on the reading derived from an EMF meter, you will be able to take necessary steps that will help in reducing the EMR level.

2. Upgrade electronic equipment – the electronic equipment that is outdated to consume a lot of electricity and in the process they also emit a lot of radiation. Here, it is advisable that you upgrade the electronic equipments in your house. For example, instead of CRT tube monitors, opt for LCD or LED monitors for computers. Also, replace your old TVs with LCD or LED TVs if possible. These steps will help in ensuring that the radiation emitted in your house is very low.

3. Opt for solar power – instead of depending on traditional means of energy, you can opt for solar power to meet the energy needs of your house. When you do so, you will be able to reduce the EMR level in your house. It is a fact that solar energy does not emit as much EMR as regular sources of energy such as alternate current (AC).

4. Minimize usage of microwave – microwave ovens are one of the largest sources of radiation emission. Here, you should reduce their usage as much as possible. For example, when you need to defrost any item, you can keep it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, instead of defrosting it in the microwave.

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Useful Information About Electromagnetic Radiation

We live surrounded by waves of varying intensity radiation emitted by wireless communications and countless electrical and electronic devices that surround us. At present no one can completely rule out its harmful effects and, in fact, there are numerous studies, medical and scientific research supporting the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on our health. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes this danger and has advised people to apply caution while dealing with instruments that emit electromagnetic radiation. Laptops, mobile phones, microwave ovens, smartphones and many other devices that we use on a daily basis emit such radiation.

The harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation include skin diseases, tumors, formation of cancerous cells, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, loss of eye sight etc. Apart from that, such radiation can also affect the central nervous system of a human being and cause a variety of disorders. Different scientific researches and medical tests conducted by doctors and scientists around the world have also revealed that such radiation can affect the growth of a child and also affect the health of pregnant women. This is why, people need to be very careful about the level of radiation in their homes.

People, who want to protect themselves from the harmful effects of such radiation, need to determine if the radiation level in their house is too high. In order to do so, they can use an instrument known as EMF meter. It is an instrument which measures the electromagnetic field in any given place. Based on the interviews obtained from the EMF meter, you will be able to determine if the radiation level is too high in your place of residence. If it is found to be too high, you will need to take some steps that will help to reduce the level of radiation.

First of all, you will need to reduce the usage of all kinds of electronic devices that emit such radiation. For example, you can avoid using the microwave for cooking and instead use a stove that runs on fuel or natural gas. You can also avoid using the mobile phones and laptops as much as possible. After taking these steps, you can use the EMF meter again, in a week or two, to determine if the radiation level has gone down. If it remains the same, you might need to call an expert who can suggest you ways through which you can reduce it.

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Did You Know Chemicals Cause Weight Gain?

Obesity was deemed to be caused by overeating and less exercise. But now science has determined other factors that play a part. The alteration of hormones in the body is caused by chemicals that destroy good bacteria, hormone levels, and metabolism. This is called chemical induced obesity.

Weight gain is influenced by calories consumed, calories burned (exercise), genetics, and the environment. The environmental factors include sleep habits, stress, and chemical exposures.

Research indicates the level of stress coupled with the type of diet can cause weight gain. For example, a high level of stress with a healthy diet shown no gain gain, but a high level of stress coupled with a sugary or high fat diet caused weight gain.

Lack of sleep changes metabolism levels. When the body is too tired, it can metabolize lean muscle and burn less fat causing a reduction in muscle and an increase in body fat. The problem intensifies with unhealthy diets.

Carbamates, used in insecticides and fungicides, suppress the level of activity. This means the metabolism is altered in ways that it is less effective at burning off calories. When the body becomes sluggish, exercise is decreased, and more calories form into body fat.

Phthalates, a chemical that gives flexibility to plastics and is also found in products under the label of 'fragrance', also alters the metabolism for less effectiveness at burning off calories. Studies have shown high concentrations of phthalates in obese humans.

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO), developed as a flame retardant, is prevalent in citrus soft drinks, including Mountain Dew and others. This is also found in non-stick cookware and products that contain water resistant coatings.

Zombie chemicals, or growth hormones, are endocrine disrupting metabolics which end up in agricultural run-off water. Science has proven they reconcile themselves in the dark, or at night. These chemicals go back to the water eco-system and affects all living organisms. Other recent studies have proven that only about half of contaminants are removed from waste water in waste plant processes.

The recent research findings give more reason to strive to live eco friendly. Some ways to avoid these chemical exposures include eating fresh foods (less canned or packaged), avoid plastics labeled 'PC or # 7', do not cook or store food with plastic of any kind, and know what's in the food or how it was grown. Use water filters that remove atrazine, perchlorate, lead, arsenic, and other chemicals. HEPA filters are good for cleaning surrounding air. And, avoid products with fragrance, non-stick, or water resistant coatings.

Do you know of other ways to avoid chemicals that trigger weight gain or chemicals that alter the metabolism? Share your thoughts with others.

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Consider Embracing Water Purification Equipment

More often than not, it is easy to believe that the water you and your family drink every day is pure. As a matter of fact, 90% of the families in developed countries drink water straight out from the tap. But that's not always the case. As much as you think the water your tap comes with is clean, it is important to understand that usually there are some contamination's invisible to the naked eye that may harm you. Today, water is heavily polluted with bacteria, industrial waste, heavy metal, viruses, industrial chemicals, and the list goes on and on. Making investments on water purification equipment for your family as well as for any domestic use is very essential.

Why would you need water purification equipment?

• You eliminate diseases that could be more likely to affect you: Once you use the water purification equipment on your drinking water, you get the assurance of taking in water that is pure, and absolutely not contaminated. By this then, the chances of you eliminating any diseases that could have been thought about by the untreated water are high. It may not be clear to you, but it is important to understand that even when not ingested, contaminated water causes health problems.

• Have you noticed some negative changes on your skin or your hair if you are using untreated water? If you have cleaned your face and felt the skin get really dull, something is not right! Or your hair felt dry after cleaning it, again that's not right! Do you realize that industrial chemicals could lead to such, once they get into the water? This tells you that it is not only important to use treated water in drinking, but rather for all general purposes.

• Just in case chlorine does not get your heart racing so fast at the mention of it, it is a high time you did so. Be so warned on using untreated water, otherwise you would only be compromising your good health. A good number of people use chlorinated water for shower. This is very wrong, because the chlorinated water leads to very serious respiratory problems. This again reflects the benefits of water purification equipment.

What many water distributors do is that they insure their clients that the chlorine in the water is OK. OK is not the word! What chlorine does is that it not only ruins your skin and leaves your hair dry, but also slows your health down! In many swimming pools, what you find is chlorine. Once you are done with the swimming and stay in the sun for some time, suddenly the skin feels really dry and dull. It should not be that way; therefore what is required for such a pool is water purifier.

It is important to note that water purification equipments offer pure water that is generally safe for your consumption, as well as for your general purposes. With more and more infections happening every day, prevention is definitely better than cure!

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Health Risks Associated With Home Renovation

With the increasing cost of relocation, more and more people are choosing to stay in the same house for longer periods. People are renovating their homes to make it more livable, and this also increases the resale value of these properties. It is the need of the hour that one has to realize that there are numerous health hazards associated with renovating your home. The culprits are usually the toxic substances used in home refurbishing. Although most of them are unavoidable, there could be a possibility that you may be able to build or refuse in an eco-friendly and non-hazardous way.

Here are some harmful substances that can cause minor or health problems when you renew your home:

1. Dust

People tend to think that chemicals, paints, scraped wood, iron bars, lead, etc. cause most health issues. Even the simplest of things like dust can pose serious health risks. Dust can have various other chemicals or harmful particles which can be inhaled, leading to various breathing disorders and lung infections.

2. Asbestos

This is a mineral fiber which is used in flooring, ceiling tiles, roofing, etc. because it acts as an insulation and fire-resistant material. These are microscopic, and can easily be inhaled when the particles becomes airborne. This can cause serious diseases like abdominal & chest cancer, and scarring of lungs commonly referred to asbestosis.

3. Lead

This is found in dry paints when scrapping the walls before a major renovation. It can cause headaches, weight loss, lung infection, fatigue, anemia, constipation, stomach pain, irritation, nausea and many other conditions.

4. Radon

This is said to cause lung cancer if your basic constitution is not radon-resistant.


This is found in old switches, heating system and regulators. Mercury inside the human body can cause kidney and liver damage, mental retardation, disabilities related to learning and many other debilitating conditions. Fatality is also not uncommon with acute mercury poisoning.

6. Moisture

After renovation your house may be sometimes be filled with moisture, which can attract biological hazards. This can cause allergies, asthma, pneumonia and, in extreme cases, can lead to death.

7. Lack of proper ventilation

In the exclusion of renovating your home , you might sometimes make wrong decisions that might seriously affect the natural ventilation inside your home. Good ventilation is always important, as the more oxygen you inhale, the more immune your system becomes and the healthier you become. If ventilation is improper, then all the harmful substances that are disturbed and become airborne during renovation can cause you lung and breathing problems.

8. Formaldehyde

This is a carcinogen found in pressed wood – especially in cabinets, fiber glass insulation, wood paneling, etc. This causes breathing problems, eye and throat irritation and nausea.

9. Volatile organic substances (VOCs)

These are emitted from paintings, strippers, plastics, etc., and can cause cardiovascular and respiratory disorders.

10. Air ducts

Leaking air ducts during renovation can cause negative pressure, which leads to radon problems if the ducts are not immediately sealed.

11. PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)

These are commonly used in plastics, paints and electrical equipment. PCBs can cause a wide range of health problems. This chemical can cause cancer, reproductive problems and disorders of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems.

Being aware of these health risks means you can be better prepared to avoid them or deal with them appropriately.

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Where Silence Is Golden

Silence is golden

Can you remember the last time you heard nothing? No traffic noises; no birdsong; none of the click clacking of fingers on keyboards; no muted coughing or sudden sneezes? It's getting harder and harder to find perfect silence, so we are resorting to ever-more extreme measures to get that elusive peace and quiet. Sensory deprivation tanks are popping up at salons and spas across the UK, offering people the opportunity to float in a coffin-sized pool, in complete silence and darkness. Across the pond in Minneapolis, scientists charge a small fortune for access to a 99.99% sound absorptor 'anechoic chamber', which holds the Guinness World Record for the world's quietest place. We all need a bit of quiet time every time in a while, but for a less extreme experience of silence, try one of these shortcuts.

Visit a church

Most churches are open during the day, between services. Across the UK there are thousands of church buildings which date back to medieval times, meaning they made of the thickest stone walls – perfect for creating a solemnly quiet space.

Get underwater

Anyone who has ever been scuba diving will tell you that there is a qualitative quality to underwater sound. Noise travels more slowly under water, giving everything a woozy, muted vibe. On a deep dive you are likely to hear very little other than the sound of your breathing apparatus, heightening the impact of the silence between bubbles.

Go to space

In the epic space thriller Gravity, Sandra Bullock's character comments that her favorite thing about being in outer space is the silence. If you are not an astronaut, and do not have a cool £ 250,000 to take part in Virgin Galactic's upcoming space trips, try visiting your local planetarium or observatory. When you gaze into the infinite expanse of the universe, everything else tends to have a habit of just fading away, and the silence can be deafening.

Find a room of one's own

Everyone has a favorite part of the house – under the duvet, or just a quiet corner where you can close your eyes and get five minutes peace. For instant relaxation, find an empty room away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and living room, close the door, windows and curtains and light a candle. Focus on the flame and let the noises of the house melt away around you.

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7 Tips to Improve Your Local Cafeteria

Good Food

First and foremost, cafeterias are for eating. While local governments and parent organizations all over the country have been cracking down on schools that do not offer enough healthy options for their kids, most of the cafeterias in America still do not serve the right foods. Whether a person is a child in school or an employee working in an office, healthy, energizing food is essential to stay full and focused if you want to get the job done. When designing or printing a cafeteria for your workplace, try to include healthy foods in your list of things that should either be incorporated or changed. If it helps, try giving suggestions. Few people know that frozen vegetables are often more healthy than canned or even fresh vegetables at a grocery store. Foods that are high in protein, such as eggs, yogurt, and nuts promote brain function and focus. Do not forget to add a condiments area for the brown baggers. Cafeterias that provide smart food options can help anyone who eats there as and improve the school or business as a whole!


Variety is key when it comes to proper nutrition. Without varied foods, our bodies would never get all the nutrients we need to survive. When designing your cafeteria, make sure there are policies in place that emphasize the importance of food variations. Design menus that incorporate healthy foods from all the food groups, and be sure to offer options for vegetarians and vegans that may not feel comfortable eating the foods in a cafeteria environment. Also, be sure to provide nutritional information for all the foods that are served. It may sound like a lot of work, but this Promotes a sense of trust between the patron and the cafeteria that is essential to any work or school environment.

Natural Lighting

Choosing efficient natural over artificial lighting works wonders on the psychological mind. Studies have shown that when people are exposed abundant natural lighting, they feel better, more energized, and even unhealthy. Since cafeterias are the places where most people go to eat lunch and reenergize, adding natural lighting can be a great asset. It can improve both the psychological and physical health of students and employees as well as better their moods. Providing patrons with a place to unwind and take a brief break is extremely important for the health of a workplace. Why not shed some light on the matter?

Modern Style

When designing or reworking a cafeteria, its important to keep modern design in mind. Choosing stylish tables for cafeteria use and making sure they have plenty of cutting edge appeal can really enhance the look of your school or workplace. Instead of shouting away, both employees, students, and guests alike will flock to the cafeteria to partake of the yummy food. Modern style also has a psychological effect on those who are around it. In a school school and work environments, stylish cafeterias provide a change of venue that is often much needed after several hours of work and study. Do not miss out on all these great benefits if you do not have to!

Social Layout

It does not matter if a cafeteria is in a school or an office building. If it does not have a social aspect, it just is not really a cafeteria. Keeping a social layout in a lunch room is very important. It allows both students and employees the opportunity to discuss work, current events, upcoming exams, and that new YouTube video everyone keeps talking about. Because cafeterias are typically only in places where lots of people congregate, they are perhaps one of the greatest opportunities to promote workplace communication and teamwork.

Improve Communication

Cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, band geeks, and drama club? Even years after high school ends it certainly can seem like the cliques that exist then are still in full force when people enter cafeterias. Cafeterias are breeding grounds for social hierarchy, but they are also wonderful places to promote communication and teamwork. With the addition of presentation boards for information , cafeterias became excellent places to notify everyone about what's going on at the establishment. Additionally, when designing your cafeteria, take a queue from King Arthur and feature folding tables for cafeterias that have round tops to promote equality!

Keep it Clean

Cleanliness is extremely important in both school and office environments. Not only can cleanliness improve the look of a place, but it also helps to keep everyone in it healthy and happy. Unfortunately, cafeterias are terrible breeding grounds for bacteria. With all the reduced and unheated food festering in the corners, they can easily start to smell and fester too if they are not properly cared for. That's why cleaning is so important. If you can not afford a janitorial service, put a schedule on the wall that assigns anyone who uses the cafeteria a different cleaning job such as washing tables, sweeping, or mopping the floor when everyone is done. This strategy had proved effective in both schools and business environments. In fact, most schools in Japan have adopted this strategy since children often eat in their classrooms. It enforces a sense of responsibility and community among everyone involved.

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