Most people buy natural spring water because there are no chemicals added to it whatsoever. Many choose natural spring water rather than tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Spring water bottled at the source is best. Some companies take water from its source and transport it elsewhere for bottling. In these cases the water may have passed through many sets of pipes and filters before its bottled. Bottling at the source means that your water is bottled straight away.

Commercial water is sold and delivered to your home or business in 15 Liter bottles which fit a cooler with a convenient tap. Some of these coolers have a hot water tap as well.

Natural Spring Water is quite different from a town water supply. A town supply is treated with filters and a number of chemicals to remove impurities. Sometimes the residue of these chemicals remains in the water in what is considered as “safe” for drinking. Whilst it might be considered safe, sometimes it leaves an after taste in ones mouth.

In some countries, fluoride is added to some water supplies to minimizeize tooth decay. Some have labeled this as a means of mass medication and object to the practice. As such there are some countries that have stopped adding fluoride to the supply.

Most commercial water bottlers do not add chemicals to their water. Some chemicals may be used to wash and sterilize bottles but that's all. The spring water is filtrated and passed over an Ultra Violet (UV) light to kill microscopic organisms leaving it very pure.

This means that storing your bottles is very important. There are no preservative type chemicals to protect your water. Storing your bottles in sunlight increases the likelihood of algae developing inside the bottle. Therefore, store your bottles in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

If your bottle develops some green algae, make sure you tell your delivery driver. Often the driver will replace the bottle without fuss and sometimes may even give you a free bottle as well.

It's also important to store your empty bottles in a cool dry place away from sunlight too. It makes washing them much easier when they are free of any algae growth.

Clean your water coolers every so often as well. Simply removing the top of the cooler and washing it will prevent algae growth.

Some new delivery companies deliver your water in sealed plastic bags rather than bottles. It's a personal choice. Some people are comfortable living in a throw away society where things are used once. 15 Liter water bottles are reused for up to 15 years. The sealed plastic bags are used once and then thrown away.

Good healthy water is critical to a well balanced nutritious diet. Buying a 600ml water from a fridge at your local store may cost you $ 3. Yet a 15 Liter Bottle of water delivered for free will cost $ 10 and last a lot longer. One 15 Liter bottle will remember the average family about a week. Many would agree that $ 10 a week is worth good health.