Mold removal techniques are used in occupational health. It involves the process of identifying the moles and the extent of its severity, and cleaning up the entire moles from the environment. Mold abatement is the process of removal of mold from the surroundings using the possible techniques. It is also called mold remediation or cleaning up the mold from the environment. Molds are omnipresent in nature and once one mold starts appearing, it instigates spreading of further molds thereby spoiling the entire room. They grow both outdoors and indoors. Spores are the main cause of mold formation and they spread through air. When the spores are landing up on the wet surface of the room, gradually it multiplies due to moisture and moisture and once it gains enough strength and becomes mold. Molds are hazardous to health and should be removed immediately.

Damp surface is the main reason for spore formation and since spores are transported by air current, it can spread easily to all places of the room. Generally, molds are present in your house and also in your office commonly in the form of dust. Due to larger accumulation of spores, they condense to become mold and cause health problems. Some type of molds releases myco-toxin which is very harmful to us. These types of molds are called as toxic mold since it produces myco-toxins. If you are left with the inhalation of mycotoxins for longer duration it may in neurological disorder and in extreme cases may result in death also. For that matter, any types of toxins are potentially dangerous to human animals and animals and hence myco-toxin is no exception.

You can simply follow this procedure for removing any mold in your house or office. First step you should dampen the surface where mold is infected since dry mold is always dangerous of spreading by air. Second step you should clean the surface completely using soapy water for removing the molds present visibly. By doing this, almost all the visible molds will be destroyed. Third you must bleach the place completely using good bleaching agent and water. This is done for removing the invisible molds which are tiny. Keep the surface wet for at least 15 minutes and finally wash the surface thoroughly using using lots of water and dry the area using mop or cleaner. They grow both outdoors and indoors. Spores are the main cause of mold formation and they spread through air.