We live in a 'green' world today. People want natural products without all the contaminants. This is especially true with personal care products like shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, and deodorants.

With deodorants there is a concern about the safety of the aluminum contained in them. Health conscious individuals want to get away from the regular stock found on store shelves, and to use an alternative kind of deodorant. Many are beginning to make their own deodorant at home. Lots of people already make their own soap, so it only makes sense to create some deodorant as well.

If your problem is underarm skin sensitivity, then you would want to add natural ingredients to your home deodorant that rectify that problem. You can find soothing bases featuring pure botanical oils like castor oil / baking soda mixes, shea butter, cornstarch, essential oils, and soybean oil, to name a few. These ingredients can be used in the making of homemade deodorant and be effective in protecting against skin sensitivity.

Sweating is a natural body function and should never be 'stopped up.' With natural deodorants you will not stop sweating, however, the odor fighting ingredients will keep you from smelling. As your body rides itself of waste (toxins) and cleans itself, you can be odor-free and confident. Your natural body processes are not interfereed with. They block odors by neutralizing the bacteria contained within the perspiration.

Most people who make their own deodorant at home are finding that their natural deodorants containing essential oils are more effective after a weeks worth of use. The reason for the increased effectiveness could be because of the antibacterial properties within the essential oils. Here are some examples of essential oils –

• Lavender

• Bergamot

• Clove

• Lime

• Lemongrass

• Geranium

• Orange

and more. They not only smell divine, they also carry powerfully antibacterial properties for killing odor-causing bacteria.

The benefits of making all natural personal care products are proving to be intense. Health and personal care awareness is higher than it has ever been. Making your own deodorant is just another way to avoid the side effects of harmful chemicals and promote a healthier lifestyle.

People are more 'chemical conscious' today than anytime in our history. They are trending towards all natural solutions to avoid all the harmful chemicals found in many products on the market today.

Deodorant is no exception. Making your own deodorant may seem a little strange to some people, but when you consider the popularity of soap making, it's really not such a stretch. The goal is to create something that works for you while also keeping your chemical-free. The concerns many people have about the deodorants on the store shelves today is breast cancer and Alzheimer's.

Another benefit to making your deodorant at home is in how you can tweak the ingredients to make it better suited for your own body chemistry. The reason there are so many different deodorant products is because not every deodorant works the same on every user. When you make your own, you get to experiment until you find the perfect recipe for YOU.