The alkaline water scam continues to grow, despite the efforts of numerous chemists and other concerned individuals. Many have written about the subject on the internet, although the real information can be difficult to find, because of all the advertisements for ionizers. Here you have found some real information.

Ionizers can cost as much as $ 2500. They provide no purification, because they include no filters or exchangers to remove chemicals or heavy metals. In fact, they do not remove or add anything. They simply give a momentary electric charge to any naturally occurring minerals. If no minerals are present, they have no effect at all.

De-ionized water is de-mineralized. It is used in industrial and medical settings for a number of purposes. Distillation devices or reverse osmosis membranes may be used to remove minerals. All natural sources of freshwater have some mineral content. It just varies from one area to another.

Ionizers can not increase the mineral content, but an ion exchange step may slowly increase the content by modifying metallic ions for mineral ions. In other words, there are ways to improve the quality of your home's water.

Perpetrators of the alkaline water scam maintain that excess acid found in foods and beverages gets stored in our bodies and gradually poisons us. Medical professionals say that is not possible. The body can easily neutralize excess acid and does so all of the time. Without the kidneys or liver stop functioning, the blood pH is always carefully balanced, regardless of what you eat or drink.

It could be true that you might need to drink more pure water. Water aids digestion and is needed for detoxification. We eliminate toxins through urination, perspiration and respiration. Some health experts believe that many people suffer needlessly from mild symptoms of dehydration.

So, if the alkaline water scam gets more people to drink pure H2O, then it is a good thing. The problem is that since no purification steps are included in the ionizers, they can not improve the purity of what we drink.

Effective home water purifiers with an ion exchange step are readily available and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of an ionizer. They are easy to install and easy to use. It is far better for your health and for the environment to install a purifier than it is to drink bottled beverages.

There you have it. The alkaline water scam has been de-bunked.