A water filter chemical purifier should contain carbon. It is the most effective media for removing chemicals.

Carbon is the most abundant element on Earth. It is known as the basis of all life on Earth. It can be derived from peat moss, limestone or from thousands of other sources.

Activated carbon is the form that must be used to remove chemicals from liquids. It is processed carefully into fine granules in order to increase the surface area and make it extremely porous. The large surface area makes it possible for the granules to trap more chemicals through a process called adsorption, not absorption.

In adsorption, contaminants are trapped on the surface of a substance. In absorption, liquids are soaked up. The activated carbon does not absorb any of the liquid. So, there is no waste.

Many purifiers on the market are extremely wasteful. Reverse osmosis, for example, creates gallons of unusable wastewater for every gallon that is cleaned. To make matters worse, reverse osmosis is not a water filter chemical purifier. It has no effect on dissolved chemicals. It primarily removes minerals and particles larger than one micron.

It is important to remove some particles, but minerals are healthy . All naturally occurring freshwater sources have some mineral content. Research has shown that those minerals contribute to good health.

Cysts are examples of particles that should be removed. They can cause illnesses. A weak individual could die from cyst consumption and according to the EPA they may be present in any supply in the US at any time.

Other particles are simply unpleasant. No one wants to drink a glass that looks cloudy and who knows what the clouds are composed of. They could be bad for you.

An activated carbon water filter chemical purifier can not remove particles, unless it includes a block with a micron-sized channel. Some of the better purifiers do include that step. It improves the effectiveness of the product.

With so many contaminants to be concerned about, a number of different purification steps are needed. Some purifiers contain all of those steps. Others contain only one. At least one brand contains none of the necessary steps. It basically contains charcoal, which will improve the taste and smell, but not the safety of the liquid.

That's mainly what you need to know about a water filter chemical purifier. If you shop carefully, you should be able to find a good one for an affordable price.