The US EPA and the municipal water treatment facilities are there to provide water quality, because if they did not provide clean water we would have some very serious problems. Without our drinking water being properly treated for parasites and bacteria we would still be suffering from widespread outbreaks of potentially deadly waterborne diseases. These diseases are the reason we began treating our drinking water with chloramines.

Chlorine and chloramine are the two most effective chemicals for eliminating parasites and bacteria from our drinking water, but using these chemicals comes with a price. Chlorine and chloramine are known carcinogens, and you ingest one of these chemicals every time you drink from your tap.

These are not the only harmful chemicals you may be consuming on a daily basis either.

It is estimated that every one of the industrial chemicals we use in daily life have found their way into our groundwater system. In addition to that, think of all of the toxic and carcinogenic chemicals regularly dumped into our rivers, lakes, and streams over the years by unscrupulous companies.

That is a lot of potentially harmful substances that threaten our health on a daily basis, which is another reason we depend on our treatment facilities to provide water quality.

The question is whether or not these treatment facilities are really effective in removing all of the contaminants that threaten us, and the answer is no.

These facilities are not equipped to do much more than disinfect our water, remove silt and sand, and treat it to make it clear. They do not have the equipment necessary for removing chemicals from the water, or the many other things that could cause us harm.

You can not really provide water quality if your facility can not remove chemicals due to low tech, and horribly out of date equipment.

Other potential dangers in our water these facilities fail to remove include pharmaceutical drugs, chlorine and chloramine resistant cysts, or toxic heavy metals.

These all play a role in why we suffer from less than perfect health, and steps must be taken to ensure we lessen our exposure to these substances.

If we can not depend on our federal and local government to provide us with water that is safe for us to drink, then what do we do.

We are forced to turn to the companies that provide us with home tap water purification systems , but be careful what you buy.

Many of these apparatus look just the same, but many do not perform the functions necessary for thoroughly cleaning our drinking water.

The purification systems that provide water quality are those that utilize activated granular carbon, ion exchange, and sub micron filtration.

Activated granular carbon and ion exchange remove the chemical and pharmaceutical content of your water, and ion exchange is effective in getting rid of toxic heavy metals. Sub micron filtration ensures cysts, or other surviving microbes are no longer present when you take a drink.

In order to provide water quality to your loved ones you have to do it yourself, because you simply can not depend on the EPA or the treatment facilities to get the job done.