You may not have heard about the subject for quite some time, but the problem with lead in water entering your home is still a very real problem. Steps have been taken to try and reduce the presence of this toxic heavy metal through a ban on the use of piping and other plumbing supplies containing lead enacted in 1986. The problem is that “lead free” does not exactly mean lead free.

“Lead free” plumbing supplies still contain measurable amounts of lead in them, and the solder or flux used in installation are only required to have reduced amounts of the toxin in them. Pipes and pipe fittings are required to contain no more than 8% lead, but even this small percentage is too much. This heavy metal is toxic to humans no matter how much we take in, and will have a cumulative effect on your health.

It is important to reduce the amount of lead water you consume as an adult, because many years of consuming this toxin can lead to problems such as high blood pressure and kidney disease. Infants and children who consume water containing lead are most affected. The problems they can develop include slow mental or physical development, attention span deficits, and learning disabilities.

Lead gets into your drinking water from the erosion of natural deposits, and the corrosion of your household plumbing system. The lead in your pipes leaches into the water during the corrosive process, which is a wearing away of metal caused by a chemical reaction between your pipes and water. Your water's acid levels, the types and amounts of minerals present and how long the water sets in your pipes all affect the level of lead contamination.

The only way to successfully guarantee reducing the amount of lead in water is to purchase and install a tap water purifier which has a special feature called ion exchange. The primary function of ion exchange is the removal of toxic heavy metals, while replacing these metals with minerals such as potassium. Ion exchange will also reduce the amount of chemical contamination present in your water.

Reducing the levels of chemicals in your water is just as important as removing lead, because there are thousands of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals present. These also accumulate in the body, and may cause you health problems down the road. Ion exchange will remove some of these chemicals, but only when combined with activated granular carbon can you ensure your water is naturally chemical free.

Lead water and chemical contamination are the primary threats to your health that your water contains, but there is another danger present as well. Cysts are chlorine resistant parasites that can cause you to become very ill if they are consumed. The answer to removing these cysts is sub micron filtration, which is a common feature in high quality tap water purifiers.

A quality water purifier that combines ion exchange, activate granular carbon, and sub micron filtration will significantly reduce lead in water, lead water, and everything else that threatens to cause you harm.