Traces of at least 18 potentially, hazardous pollutants were found in more than one-third of US water utilities during a nationwide sampling, as noted in a report by Environmental Health News (EHN). So, the concern as to whether or not your tap water is safe is a major one, and rightfully so.

Scary as it may sound, those findings including such pollutants as herbicides, anti-bacteria, viruses, metals, anti-depressants, pesticides and more. Scientific studies have found that these can cause thyroid disease, endocrine disruption and various types of cancers. They can cause oxidation of your cells, breaking down your immune system, and leaving you vulnerable to disease … scary but true.

You're probably asking yourself right now, is there any good news in all of this?

It's hard to say. Concentrations of these compounds are low, according to a US Geological Survey. The unknown lies in what will long-term exposure of such low-levels do to our bodies?

Further studies also revealed most treatment plants are not successful in removing all of the compounds that pass through them. They remove some but, not all, and react with others, transforming into a chemical we do not know much about.

What can you do to protect you and your family?

Learn what's in your water. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires all local utilities to provide a Consumer Confidence Report every year to their customers. It will tell you about the water used by your own municipality. If you have a well you use as your water source, you can call the hotline for the EPA at 800-426-4791 for the name of a state-certified lab to have your water tested.

If, there are tracks of compounds found in your tap water, you should install a faucet filtration system for extra protection. Consumer Reports offers great information along with their suggestions and rankings of their top recommended water faucet filters.

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