Indoor pollution is a growing national problem here in the United States. There are so many sources of pollution that we bring into our buildings every day, it's difficult to even pick a place to start. Then, once the germs, bacteria, fungus, and particulate get inside, our homes are required to be built so air tight that we can not seem to find a way to get this stuff back outside. I should know, I am an architect in California, and we have despite the most stringent design standards in the entire country.

Once upon a time … oh my goodness, I did not mean to say that. But it does seem fitting, because I can remember when we used to say that our house could “breathe.” Literally, you could hear the house as a breeze might whistle through a window or door that did not seal up perfectly. Or, in the Winter, you could tell that we did not have 10 “of fiberglass insulation in the attic, or in the walls for that matter. And air conditioning, well we would just open a few more windows.

Somewhere along the way we decided that air-tight was going to make things all better. What we ended up doing was locking ourselves into a prison where dust collects on a massive scale, mold grows in all the wrong places, and germs & bacteria thrive in the climate controlled laboratory we call our home! Along with that came one more thing, Sick Building Syndrome, or what we call SBS. The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, has identified 3 of the top 4 causes of SBS; 1) Inadequate ventilation, 2) Chemical contaminants from indoor sources, and 3) Biological contaminants.

When we lowered the requirement of the percentage of outdoor air supply to ventilate our buildings, we began the slow process of carbon dioxide poisoning. Then with the advent of 'wall-to-wall' carpet, and the padding, and the adhesive to hold in all place, therein started the generation of 'off gassing'. Formaldehyde was everywhere. We were breathing it, and our children were playing on it every day for years. Then, as the dirt came inside, we could not just sweep it up, we had to clean it. Chemicals everywhere, the odors in our nostrils, the moisture in our lungs, and the fluids absorbed through the pores in our skin. We have mold growing inside our walls and behind the bathtub or shower pan. Now we have wonderful little bugs like MRSA, CRKP, H1N1, the hits just keep on coming.

I know, this is a gloomy picture I paint, but check with other infectious disease experts, they will confirm that one of the worst places to spend too much time, is to be stuck indoors for too long.

However, there is a solution. It comes in the form of 21st Century Green Technology, and it's called 'Fresh Air Surround'. This is not a filter, in fact there are no filters to change, none to buy, or clean, or replace. It takes what nature does outside and brings it inside. Through UV, oxygen & hydrogen, and patented 'Active Pure' technology, your home can be as fresh as your front porch on a clear Spring day. It removes particulate from the air down to 0.5 microns. For reference, an average human hair is between 40-120 microns in diameter. And, it does one other thing that makes it unique & the most amazing Air Purifier available today, it kills germs and it will sanitize the surfaces inside your home. It will disinfect counter tops, furniture, door knobs, light switches, baby toys, and floors, up to 99.8% pure! University level, peer-reviewed studies have proved this to be true. In less that 24 hours the technology in 'Fresh Air Surround' killed MRSA, salmonella, E.coli, black mold, and others.

Many of the Green technologies available to us today are astounding. Progress is passing forward at amazing rates, year after year. And to date, I have not seen anything that even remotely comes close to what this product can do for us in our home. In a time when we want to live longer, live healthy, and enjoy the later years of life more than any generation before, do not you think it's time we stop looking for an 'outside' fix? I suggest we start looking indoors, at our homes, at our families, and at ourselves.