Washing your clothing with an ordinary laundry detergent is not enough to cleanse it from bacteria. You need to use an antibacterial laundry detergent to thoroughly clean the clothes from the bacteria, mildew, molds, and other elements that can cause irritation on the skin. Many skin allergies and conditions are triggered by clothes that are not washed properly. If you want to keep your family's clothing protected from bacteria, you need to go beyond your usual antibacterial laundry soap. Some bacteria are too stubborn to be removed by antibacterial laundry detergent alone. You need a product with updated antimicrobial technology to keep your clothes in the cleanest condition without ruining their color and material.

Antibacterial laundry additives act as perfect complements and even substitutes to your antibacterial laundry detergent. They are designed to protect clothing from odor and allergy-causing bacteria. Plus, they do not alter the color or the durability of the fabric. Only a small amount of such product will go a long way.

Antibacterial laundry additives treat the bacteria that live in your clothing for several weeks. Some of the bacteria that stick to the clothes linger on the clothes and proliferate respectively numerous washings with your staple antibacterial laundry soap. Regular washing is not enough to get rid of infection-causing bacteria. In fact, standard washing can actually spread the bacteria. Complementing your standard washing with such additives will certainly get rid of the stubborn bacteria that cling to your laundry items.

The benefits of these products are colossal when you add them to your typical laundry routine. However, you need to know what to look for when considering such an additive.

First of all, look for an antibacterial solution that does not leach off applied substrate. Many cleaning solutions destroy the surface of the objects that are cleaning so look for additives that protect these surfaces, as well as cleaning them.

You also want to make sure that you are using a product utilizing growing technology. Bound technology means that it takes effect while it is bound to the clothes it treats.

Another important factor to consider is the residual efficiency. Most antimicrobial products only take effect for a short period of time. The best products, on the other hand, have an efficiency that lasts for as long as 90 days. This is why using these types of products also saves you money in the long run. You only need to use them on clothes every 90 days so a small bottle can go a long way.

When looking for an antibacterial laundry solution, make sure it is EPA registered so it can treat many bacteria, fungi, mold, or yeast.

Look for a product that is very easy to use. The best products work in the following way: after washing with your standard antibacterial laundry detergent , soak the clothes in fabric conditioner solution with drops of the additive.

If you are concerned with safety, make sure you are using a complete water-based formulation. For a product to be considered green, it should be devoid of toxic chemicals. It should be gentle to your hands, to your clothes, and to the environment.

Use it with your daily antibacterial laundry detergent every once in a while while you get rid of the stubborn bacteria.