Do not Panic. Go organic.

Doomsday believers are a peculiar lot. They latch on to anything to get into their doomsday mode. The most recent thing that has caught their imagination is the pollution and contamination levels we are exposed to. They read signals in dead fish surfacing in rivers with pollution, errant climatic patterns or food related disorders.

To all those terrified souls, it is just one advice. 'Do not panic. Go organic. ' Why? How is it going to make things any better? The hardcore doubters will ask. Let's explore and see how.

Organic farming

Organic living is really going back to the lap of Mother Nature. It reflects in every aspect of life including food, wear and lifestyle. Organic farming is the first step. In this type of farming, the whole processes of growth and development happens naturally. No genetic engineering and hybrid culture is allowed. The natural process of pollination results in flowering and fruition the natural way.

Only organic manure is used as fertilizer. No chemical pesticide is used on the organic farms. Also, crop rotation is encouraged to sustain the fertility of the soil. The quality of the soil on which the crop grows is most important. Only nutrient rich soil can yield nutrient rich food. Studies have shown how pitiful the condition has become with insensible practices in the past decades. A landmark study on the topic by Donald Davis and his team of researchers from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was published in December 2004 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. The water resources on the farm are protected as no chemical seeps from soil to them. Judicious choice of crops and planting methods ensures that the water table is not depleted. And, most important the seeds are planed according to the seasons. The varieties of seeds used by our forefathers are harder than the mutant varieties. They may yield less but what they yield is more nutritive. So, food grown in organic farms tend to be tastier, juicier and healthier.

The same applies to eggs or poultry or meat. Studies have found that large scale industrial production of animals gives us lower quality meat, meat which is not nutritive as it lacks certain microbes. A diet of such meat raised on high dose of antibiotics makes those who eat it more resistant of antibiotics and thus more prone to infections and allergies. Animals raised on natural organic food produce better poultry, meat and dairy products. It does not end with just production; natural ways and means of storage and processing are adopted in organic farming like drying in the Sun, smoke fired from organic fire, hand mixing of ingredients to make sausages, storing in wooden cans or trays. The result is that the smoked salmon, sausage and cheese taste better and more traditional. Spices that are naturally grown and dried or processed retain flavor and aroma for a longer period. They really add more spice to your cooking. Similarly, a brew of organic tea or coffee refreshes more. And if it is green tea or green coffee, it is unhealthy too as they contain high amount of antioxidants and are preferred components of a weight loss diet regimen.

And unlike the conventional produce of the fruits and vegetables, seeds from organic farming are more viable to grow into healthy plants that yield nutrient rich produce in years to come. Thus, organic farming is the safest bet for a healthy future.

Organic Wear

How many of us think in terms of environment while shopping for clothes. We just shop for wear that looks good on us and is within our ambit to buy. It might be an eye opener for many when they come to know the impact of what we buy, how we clean and maintain them and how we dispose the old clothes.

The production of clothes involves some of the most toxic chemical processes as part of the dyeing, washing and printing procedures. The chemical processes consume a lot of water too and most of it is left untreated polluting fresh water bodies like rivers and lakes. Polluted water causes diseases and scarcity of potable water. Rough estimates put that on an average, an American trashes 65 pounds of clothing each year. Add to that drapes, sheets or other home linen and fabric that is considered to be waste stands at a whopping 14.3 million tons. Similar figures hold true for other developed economies. Cumulatively, that means more is cloth is produced each year the same way to meet the demands adding to pollution levels.

Organic wear on the other hand, uses natural dyes and the natural yarn, be it cotton or some other is organically farmed and processed utilizing minimal chemicals. Organic wear is processed and created by traditional methods which provide a livelihood to traditional craftsmen and weavers. Being natural, organic wear is best for your body and skin. Clothes made out of organic produce are also recyclable. Organic wear is fashionable, trendy, exotic and different and is a hit with one and all.

Organic Personal Care

Cosmetics and personal care products are some of the most polluting products. The ways some are tested are also a cause of concern as they blatantly deny animal rights. Unknowingly, many of us continue to do aid them by using the products that made and tested. Organic products are natural products. Some of them have been known to mankind for long for their superior quality. For eg Turmeric paste clears the skin, is a remedy for pimples and lights up your face. Perfumes with natural floral fragrances are also a million times better than the chemical ones as they ameliorate well the body's natural odors. Today, the markets have some real options for various cosmetic and personal care needs including soaps and shampoos, creams and lotions, oils and extracts, perfumes and fragrances. Some products like nail enamels still do not come completely organic but we can choose for ones that use fewer chemicals. Check out if the product is devoid of the big 3 toxic chemicals namely, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate.

Organic Interiors

It is not only in what we eat or wear that we can adopt an organic way of life. We can bring it right into our homes and place of work. Organic interiors can look chic and Spartan as you desire it to be. The manufacturing process of Paints and emulsions pollute our environment. Switch to natural dyes to paint or try some organic products for wall décor. Bamboo and care are some of the options we have. Creative ideas in designing can create beautiful walls and exteriors with brick work, cowry shell designs, glass lattice work and more. Reuse and recycle are the new mantras of organic interiors. It is really a joy to see how things change for better with innovative designs. Even modern spatial designs can be created with recycled products. Out of the box ideas and willingness to experiment are the only prerequisites to create wonderful interiors that are in balance with the surrounding environment. Thoughtfully designed interiors utilize better energy management solutions and thus decrease the use of power. Such an interior emanates more energy for its occupants and increases their efficiency and happiness.

A better tomorrow awaits us. Only, we need to change now; change to organic way of life to see our generations grow and develop on this planet for years to come.