Every parent is generally concerned about their children's safety no matter what type of environment they are in. One of the major growing concerns is the very air that these kids breathe in any of the areas that they may be subjected to at any part of the day or night. It is not enough for a parent to have to be concerned about the home environment, but they also have to be concerned about the environment that the children are in during the day while at school.

Something that was of great concern a few years back was the air pollution that was being emitted from power plants. Ironically when choosing a home to raise our families in we take great care at checking out the surrounding area and the neighborhood, to ensure that there is a good environment, but often we fail to check out the school area. It is most important to know what potential risks might be in the area, and if there is a cause for concern, then proper steps should be taken to check out to see if this something that needs to be investigated further.

It is certainly impossible to protect our families from all the environmental risks that the world contains as there are so many of them, however positive action is really a necessity with the growing concerns that have been identified. Many years ago many of these factors were present, we just were not aware of them.

It has been shown that when it comes to air pollutants as a result of power plants that children are more susceptible, just as the elderly or those that suffer ill health would be. However, children have a tendency to spend more time outdoors then these other groups. This alone puts them at greater risk.

The only solution to the problem is by the public becoming educated in what risks they are being subjected to, and then becoming proactive in trying to rectify the matters, or at least to draw attention to it, where more public concern will then be raised.

There have been great strides taken in cleaning up the air pollution in the last several years, and thanks for this can be given to more public awareness and involvement. It is the responsibility of every human being to take every step possible to provide a safe environment for the present and also for future generations. The more that is learned about the environment and the state the world is in, the better it is for everyone. Many individuals feel that one small voice is not going to make a difference, but when many small voices become combined for the good of the planet, than those that can do something about it will take notice.