From 1994 to 1996, 8 infants died in the Cleveland metro area. They died from pulmonary hemorrhage and hemosiderosis. Pulmonary hemorrhage is an acute discharge of bloody fluid in the upper respiratory tract, usually fatal. Hemosiderosis, simply put, interferees with proper utilization of iron.

The deaths were caused by chronic plumbing leaks, flooding and exposure to cigarette smoke. The homes of the infants had a high concentration of mold. The water intrusion caused in toxigenic fungus that causes a person to produce toxins and stachybotyrs atra. Stachybotyrs atra, is a green black fungus that grows on cellulose based materials: drywall, sheet rock, wood and dropped ceilings. While the incidence of this mold is rare, it does prove fatal to infants below 6 months in age.

Although public officials concluded that public awareness needed to be increased, it does not seem that the average person has awareness. There is a great lack of awareness as 1 out of 2 buildings / homes have water intrusion according to the NIOSH. If people purposed to prevent mold they would use a dehumidifier for basement. Then there would not be humidity levels necessary for mold growth. The EPA states that mold can grow 24 to 48 hours after water intrusion. That is quick.

Do you have an infant at home? Chances are there is mold in your house. If you are not using a dehumidifier for basement to prevent mold there is mold. Humidity levels in a basement are naturally high. Here are sources of mold: leaky plumbing and roof leaks, wet, musty basements, shower stalls, flooding, water seeing into foundations through cracks in the foundation, dirt crawl spaces … etc.

Are you constantly battling upper respiratory problems like asthma and pneumonia with your infant and youngger children? A whooping 75% of all homes have an asthma patient.

Do not let your infant become a statistic. Be proactive. Prevent mold by keeping your basement dry with a dehumidifier for foundation. Pitch anything moldy and musty. Check for leaks often and repair immediately. Kill mold after water intrusion by cleaning all surfaces in the house with a solution of Borax. Borax will not affect the baby's lungs. Use of bleach will. Purchase and use mold air purifiers through the house. They actively clean air and kill mold. Use a hepa vacuum cleaner and clean all surfaces. Continuous mold exposure has long-term consequences. Here is a list of what can happen: asthma, COPD, brain fog, headaches and more serious consequences such as pulmonary edema, brain damage and even death. Once mold occurs and you followed these steps run mold air purifiers through the house year round.

Work to have a Mold Free Home to have healthy children. Consider the elaborate, developing lungs; they need fresh air. No child should have asthma.