Ecological Footprint -maybe you heard of this phrase. In essence, it is instrumental in determining how much pressure humans are demanding on nature. It is also the metric to calculate the amount of human pressure on planet Earth. Human beings are the most successful species on planet Earth. However, we're using far more resources than Earth can provide for us. A non-profit organization called the Global Footprint Network is working with everyone to try to help us live good and healthy lives while existing within the “means of one planet.”

Humans need what nature is capable of providing for us. Unfortunately, most of us do not know how much natural resources we're using. For that matter, we barely know how much resources we have to use. Ever since the 1970s, humans have overshot the annual demand on resources. What that means is we have exceeded what the Earth is capable of replenishing each year. In essence, it now takes one year and six months to regenerate the amount of natural resources humans use in the course of a year. The Ecological Footprintmeasures how fast humans create waste and consume resources like, timber, paper, fish, and energy. The latest facts are if everyone lived the lifestyle of an average American we would need five planets .

On a global level, the average person's ecological footprint on earth in 2005 was 2.7 global hectares per person of land, whereas there was 2.1 global hectares accessible to each person. A global hectare is a measurement used to determine the productivity of biologically productive land and water. Individual consumption is slightly higher than the amount of land and resources available to sustain human life. Humans will not be able to perpetuate this pattern of living especially if exponential growth growth is considered. Continued overuse of natural resources will result in human starvation and disease, barren land, poor air quality, a global economic disaster leading to public uprisings, and ultimately the demise of the human species and many other life forms and species.

How much land does it require to maintain your lifestyle? You can take a short quiz to find out your Ecological Footprint-you'll be surprised what you'll find out. The results of your quiz will show approximately how much resources you consume; how you might lessen your impression. Your footprint impression is determined by the choices you make; whether you recycle, purchase local products, how much you drive, things of that nature. The quiz is actually fun to take, it's free and informative. Ultimately, our main goal is to reduce our Ecological Footprint. We're running out of time …