Our planet is suffering from different types of pollution yet some people seem to be unaware about what each individual can do to help Mother Earth and that each action can make a difference.

Air pollution is caused not only by fumes released from factories but also by car exhaust that individuals can reduce significantly by avoiding selfish behavior and resorting to public transport and carpools instead of using private cars.

People may reduce land pollution as well by reducing the amount of waste they discard regularly. We could avoid drinking coffee in plastic cups or shopping in plastic bags. Neighbors and friends can share some utensils they do not use a lot such as screwdrivers, drills, and ladders to reduce the amount of litter and the amount of fumes released from factories while manufacturing them as well.

Everyone of us can reduce the amount of popcorn they eat in order not to encourage farmers to cut down trees and clear forests to grow more and more corn. We bought to write on both sides of a paper so that we do not cut down trees.

Do not you know that trees are the lungs of the Earth? Besides they provide us with oxygen, medicines and they help avoid land erosion let alone their importance in providing natural habitat for many species of endangered birds and animals.

Water is a natural wealth yet many places around the world are facing the risks of water scarcity and famine. That's why everyone has to reserve it through simple actions such as not letting water running while doing the washing up.

We also bought to save energy by reducing the use of electricity. Even if you are a child you can help your environment. In fact helping one's environment is not a matter of age but a matter of willingness: Here are seven ways in which you can help:

1 – Use both sides of a piece of paper when drawing, writing or coloring.

2 – Save trees which are used to make paper by using a lunch pail rather than a paper or plastic bag each single day.

3 – Do not throw litter on the ground and pick up litter you see at school or in your neighborhood.

4 – Help recycle whatever can be recycled such as plastic bags, bottles, and toys, aluminum cans, paper cups, and glass.

5 – Help save water by turning the tap off while you are brushing your teeth and use less water in your bath or shower.

6 – Do not ever leave the lights on while you are sleeping.

7 – Ride your bike or walk whenever possible instead of being driven by your parents in a car.