You may not know it but the way you exercise could affect Mother Nature. You can help save the earth even with your practice practices. Here are some tips on how you can make your workout as earth-friendly as possible:

1.) Why burn gas to go to the gym when you can exercise at home? There's a reason why there is a slew of workout DVDs today and that is because more and more people find it inconvenient to hit the gym. Working out at home is easy and convenient. You can choose from many types of exercises that do not require equipment such as yoga, Pilates, lunges, squats and body weight training.

2.) Opt for “green” clothes and by green we mean eco friendly! Organic cotton is a great choice because it is breathable and it does a good job in absorbing sweat. You can get sports bras, socks, yoga pants and shirts that are made of organic cotton practically everywhere. Workout clothes made of this material are a little expensive than regular cotton but they are definitely worth every penny.

3.) Another way to make your training session earth friendly is by using recyclable or usable water bottles. By ditching water bottles, you are not only doing Mother Nature a favor but your local landfill as well. Buy a reusable water bottle that you can take with you when you go for a jog outside. Reusable water bottles are usually made of glass, plastic, aluminum or steel. Stop relying on bottled water. This step will require major changes in your habits but you'll be glad you finally took the initiative.

4.) If you like munching on energy bars for that extra boost of vigor but you hate to dump wasteful packaging in your trash bin, why not make your own? Aside from saving a little cash, you do not have to worry about food additives and preservatives. There is a ton of energy bar recipes that you can find online. What's great about making your own is that you can customize them according to your taste. You can do the same with sports drinks. All you have to do is mix plain water (or any liquid like coconut water, herbal tea, etc.) with Himalayan salt, crushed calcium magnesium tablets, sweetener and fruit juice for flavor.

5.) Did you know that you can recycle your favorite cross-trainers into tracks, flooring and sports courts? Do your part and drop off your old pair of shoes to the nearest Nike Reuse-A-Shoe location.