With the fairly recent consciousness about environmental safety and soundness, you may have come across the buzzword “Ecological Footprint”, but you might be yet to understand what your ecological footprint actually is and how it matters to you, your family and the surrounding environment. Well, is typically a resource accounting tool that educational institutions, governments, NGOs and businesses use to get answers to the following question:

The resource tool seeks answers to the extent of this planet's biological capacity that a given population or particular human activity requires.

The elements Ecological Footprint actually measures:
• Every individual or region requires a certain area of ​​land that is productive and sea that is resources.
• Every human activity needs a particular portion of the land or sea area to produce the resources which humans of a particular region consume.
• The human activity or region also needs to absorb a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions.
• Measures the required land or sea area in view of the resources produced by humans or their activities.
• The calculation also includes an accurate measure of the availability of the land or sea area.

But what biologically productive sea and land include?

Biologically productive land or sea area:
• Productive areas are those which support our demand for timber, energy, space and food. Here, space means the location needed for the construction of infrastructures.
• Biologically productive areas include those which contribute to the absorption of the carbon dioxide emissions directly or indirectly from our economy.
• Forest, fishing grounds and cropland are some of the most prominent examples of biologically productive areas.

The best tool for you to calculate your Ecological Footprint:

Nowadays, there are several calculators which may help you calculate your Ecological Footprint almost appropriately given that you put all the correct numbers and events.

Love it or hate it, an Ecological Footprint calculator is the most reliable tool that comes handy when you do not end the learning curve associated with the calculation of environmental footprint.

The ongoing technological advancement has made it possible for you to choose from the many online calculators. However, the challenge lies in how you will get one that is suitable to do the correct calculation. Here are some considerations to ease out your confusion:
• Initially, try to evaluate multiple calculators instead of getting hooked into a particular one.
• Try to make sure the calculator in your wish can actually measure your Ecological Footprint.
• Figure out the core function of the calculator and make sure if it just uses the term “Ecological Footprint” only as a proxy to determine general environmental impact. If it just gives you an estimate of the general ecological impact, avoid that.
• Gain in-depth knowledge about the international Ecological Footprint Standards adopted in 2006 with the intent to clarify and ensure that Footprint studies are collectively conducted are consistent, substantive and credible.
• Many of today's calculators will offer valuable insights. However, you should not go by the surprises only. You must check to see whether or not the reviews are properly aligned with the internationally set standards.
• Look for the calculators which are designed to deliver globally reliable and comparable results.
• The deliverable results require information. Try to get a calculator that includes correct information about the methodology it uses.
• Before getting a calculator, try to know if any partner of Global Footprint Network has created it.
• A partnership with the network requires strict compliance with the standards set by the global Ecological Footprint standards.
• The majority of Ecological Footprint practitioners who are prominent and leaders across the world are already partners of the Global Footprint Network.
• Leading practitioners have unanimously agreed to abide by the above standards. They also use a common set of information or data.
Facts about Ecological Footprint calculators:
• Trying to figure out your footprint is not subversive to the trade and technology.
• Approaches to measure Ecological Footprint should not be considered to be anti-GDP.

Finally, you need to be knowledgeable about the use and utility of all calculators, so you get an accurate result regarding your contribution to the accumulation of footprints.