Earth day 2011 is fast approaching on April 22nd, which makes most of us wonder: what can we do to pitch in this year? Every year, it becomes more attractive that our planet is in dire need as the environment around us slowly deteriorates. Climate change, air pollution, deforestation, and a shrinking natural eco-system is constantly enriching our way of life as well as the quality of life for future generations to come.

So, on Earth Day 2011, why not start something meaningful that can have an impact on the earth for future generations? Here are a few green tips and activities for your 2011. Keep in mind, it's not just about doing these things once and then dropping them, but rather it's about starting a regular activity pattern for your whole life.

  1. This is the year to start recycling: Recycling is the type of thing that everyone assumes everyone else is already doing, so it will not matter if they do it or not. This is absolutely not true. Every additional person that reuses and recycles their waste on a regular basis is going to make a huge difference in determining the future of our environment. Recycling not only prevails hazardous materials from ending up in landfills, but also stops deforestation and unnecessary and harmful production of materials.
  2. Teach Your Kids to be Green: It's almost as important to get your kids off to the right eco-friendly start as is it is to take action yourself. Giving your children a basis and reason to conduct an eco-friendly life in the future can make all the difference for our earth. Start with the basics – learning to appreciate the natural world around us. Take your kids on a hike, or somewhere out into nature and let them appreciate why it's really a miracle to live on this planet.
  3. Take Advantage of Green Technology: There have been a plethora of recent advances in green technologies that are now accessible to the average person. Now is the time to start taking advantage of them! Whether it is installing a solar panel that activates your outdoor lighting to driving an electric car like the Chevy Volt – it's both eco-friendly and often cost-saving to take advantage of clean energy technologies.
  4. Get Help to Recycle the Big Junk: Although we can all handle recycling the small items around the house or office on a regular basis, it's the big stuff that gives many of us problems. How do you recycle a 200 pound couch? Or a refrigerator, or washing machine? Not only do many of us not know here to take these items to properly dispose of them, but we also do not have the manpower to haul the items out of our homes. This is the type of job where a professional junk hauling team is best employed. Look for one that is eco-friendly and make sure they have a commitment to responsible junk recycling.
  5. Challenge Yourself to be Eco-Friendly: Sometimes it takes a bit of a challenge or competition to get people going. It that's what it takes, than make a game of going green. Keep score or track of your recycling, composting, organic farming or any other green activity. Involve your friends or co-workers by tracking your progress through social networks or via email. Maybe even throw in a prize for the winner over a certain period of time. Whatever it takes – get going with your green activities!