You can make alkaline drinking water at home. The question is this. Should you drink something unnatural?

The purported benefits of these electrically charged or mineralized beverages are unproven. Some experts believe that the regular consumption of beverages with a pH level of 9 or 10 could actually be bad for your health. It's unnatural. Naturally occurring freshwater has a pH level somewhere close to neutral or around 7. Purification industry experts say that a pH level of 7.5 is optimal or a slight alkalinity, but not extreme.

Proponents of higher pH levels say that the beverages can reduce the acidity of your bloodstream and tissues. Chemists and healthcare practitioners say that is impossible. Eating foods that are acidic is said to leave an acidic ash in your digestive system. That theory is not supported by medical evidence.

Stomach acid is necessary for the body to digest proteins. If you were able to stop your body from producing stomach acid, you would quickly become weak and malnourished. Luckily, it is not possible to stop the process completely, although the proton pump inhibitors prescribed for people with acid reflux do decrease the production of stomach acid. Those who say it is good to make alkaline drinking water and consume it on a regular basis maintain that the beverage will reduce your risk of cancer, because cancer cells can not survive in a higher pH level. Neither can healthy cells.

Neither cancerous nor healthy cells can survive in an acidic environment. Think about it. It's acid. There is no logic to the argument. Once the contents of your stomach are ready to be emptied into the digestive tract, your body produces bicarbonate to neutralize the stomach acid. It is a natural process designed to protect the lining of your intestines.

In order to make alkaline drinking water, it is necessary to add minerals. The ionization devices being sold for thousands of dollars do not add minerals, nor do they provide any purification benefits. Purifying your home water is necessary, because of all the chemicals and other contaminants present in our freshwater supplies. Thousand of chemicals proved to cause cancer could be floating in your glass. This is one of the reasons that so many people have switched to bottled. What they do not know is that bottled is not any better.

A good point-of-use or home multi-stage filtration device is the solution to the problem. Learning how to make alkaline drinking water is primarily a waste of time. Learning how to buy a good water purifier is a good way to spend your time.