Drinking high alkaline water could be bad for your health, despite what all the advertising claims may lead you to believe. A pH of 10, 11 or 12 is not something we would normally drink. All naturally occurring freshwater has a pH somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5. 6.5-7.5 would be the optimum pH level according to numerous experts.

The ionizers or alkalizers as they are sometimes referred to are sold through multi-level marketing schemes. They cost well over $ 1000 and they provide no protection from the real dangers in our freshwater supplies. Those dangers are contaminants, primarily chemical residues left over from industrial and agricultural activity.

Researchers have found thousands of cancer causing chemicals in publicly purchased supplies. They have conducted tests in offices and homes to see what hazards are flowing out of our taps. The hazards are numerous and they are real.

There is no scientific evidence relating to benefits of drinking high alkaline water, but there is plenty of evidence relating to risks of exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. For example, several studies have shown that people in areas where chlorine is used to disinfect the public supplies have a greater risk of several types of cancer.

The chemicals can also be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Regardless of what you drink, you have to be concerned about what you shower in. Paying a thousand dollars for a worthless ionizer is simply a waste of money. The money would be better spent on purifiers for the kitchen tap and the bathroom showerhead. The total cost would be a fraction of what you would spend on an ionizer.

The advertisements say that our bodies are too acidic, that the high acid level contributes to cancer. They say that cancer cells and free radical molecules that cause cancer can not live in an environment with a high pH level. That's true, but neither can healthy cells .

The worst thing about the claims associated with drinking high alkaline water is that they may give people false hope or cause them to delay treatments known to be effective. They make the products sound like cure-alls. There are no such things. Living a healthy lifestyle takes a number of different steps.

If you do decide that drinking high alkaline water is the right choice, be sure to invest in an effective purifier, too. Some of the honest ionizer manufacturers suggest that, because their systems do not purify.