Having a litter box is an evil necessity with indoor cats. When I had my first cat there was only one toilet in the house, and I was not going to wait in line behind the cat, so I did not potty train my cat. Now I have three “garage cats” sharing two litter boxes. My saga, my search for the “best” cat litter solution began long before today.

Years ago I was stuck by how heavily perfumed litter was when my cat jumped in my lap and started washing her feet. Phew! It occurred to me that if I was smelling it that strongly just from what was on her paws that she must be ingesting some nasty chemicals. I already did not like the dust factor of cat litter. My quest for a better litter began.

I've already returned the clay cat litter when the clumping cat litter – aka scoopable cat litter – came along. Based on what friends offered and stores sold I've tried Fresh Step, Tidy Cats, Litter Purffect, Sweat Scoop, Yesterday's News, and Feline Pine being among my long list of efforts.

There are additional concerns, beyond the scent – as if that was not bad enough – with traditional clumping litter. I've said at various times if there are warning signs on a product it's one to be avoided. I was a bit slower on this topic because the big RED warning signs were missing. The hint was to not flush litter down the toilet. Why, might you ask? Because clumping litter expands to fifteen times it's size; that plugs sewer lines, or septic tanks. It impacts cats too, in the same way. It has other negative effects on cats too. What are we doing to our cats?!?!?

A “sample” I tested at Sam's Club during one shopping visit was for Fresh Step with Odor Eliminating Carbon, a clumping litter that encapsulated the odors. They had put crushed, fresh garlic in the litter and I could not smell it or any perfume; I was sold. I'm guessing now that the sample was old because the freshly opened bucket was heavily perfumed, though it did mask the cat box odors. But my search continued because of the perfume and the heavy dust.

Cutting to the chase, I have settled on a mixture of three different cat litters. I like the low-scent, low dusting, and high action of the mixture. My recipe is equal-ish parts of:

  • Litter Clean (an all natural hard clumping, herbal odor control from Sam's Club)
  • World's Best Cat Litter (of whole kernel corn, with odor control from Petco)
  • Nature's Miracle (odor control, lifting cat litter of corncob granules with pine scent and enzymes, also from Petco)

The combination of these three litter brands / styles controls the odor created by three cats sharing a litter box, has minimal dust generated by their use and my daily scooping, and is minimally perfumed. Best yet, the cats like it, unlike so many of the cat litters I've tried through the years.

My cats were several years old when I really started playing with non-traditional cat litter products. They did not like the experiments I foisted on them. They seem to only like the texture of granules. My recipe looks to satisfify their preferences, and mine.

Do yourself and your cats a favor, find a better solution than what you probably are using. There are better scoopable cat litters out there than what's primarily available on the store shelves.