Everyone is aware of that ugly fungi that has been finding its way into many homes that have had water damage. Black mold symptoms are reliably easy to spot. As soon as you notice them it is important to begin treatment to avoid the spreading to other areas of the home. This condition can spread rapidly to all areas and travel through walls without being spotted right away.

The first sign of this will be a gray patch on the ceiling or wall. Many times you will just notice what appears to be a shadow. There really is no smell to this type as with some of the various breeds. However this is a drier feeling variety as well. It is also very hard to kill. It is dangerous to people as well as pets so should be treated and removed as soon as it is discovered.

As the problem grows the appearance will darken to a blacker color and will quickly spread. This is a fast growing type of bacteria. Additionally it can be dangerous if you breathe in the spores while trying to clean it. You should always wear a face mask when working on this type of problem. This will prevent you from breathing the spores and becoming sick.

You will find that regular cleaning products will not remove the color. In addition as you try to remove it you will find it spreads faster. The only way to rid the building of the fungus is to remove the contaminated items and spray the underlying structure with a special bleach solution that is specifically designed to kill this fungus.

When you have inhaled the spores from this fungus you will develop symptoms closely resembling bronchitis or a very bad cold. Antibiotics will be necessary to treat the infection. Additionally if you did not know you had a problem with the bacteria you should have your home inspected for hidden infestations of the problem. Many times this condition will be hidden within the walls and not affect the interior where it can be seen.

Any time you have had significant water damage you should have your home inspected for this type of growth. While it sometimes will affect the interior surfaces it does not always show up. Therefore a thorough inspection will help to reveal any hidden problems. Doing so as soon as possible will save you costly repairs later on the problem.