Much is often made of the quality of the environment as an issue in political campaigns. The reason for this is likely this: for many, it creates strong emotions about maintaining health and safety for ourselves, our loved ones and all of us as a whole.

The environment and issues surrounding it are about things such as quality air to breathe. Scientific research is loaded with completed studies about the negative effects to our overall health in having poor air quality. Just the idea of ​​having difficulty breathing is frightening.

Anyone who has experienced it does not want it repeated. For the many of us who have chronic difficulties it is no way to live. The environment will always be an issue of importance because quality of life will always be an issue of importance.

Interestingly, the populations in many advanced industrial countries spend up to 90% of their days indoors. This includes sleeping, being awake in our homes or at work. (this number is higher in more fording climates far removed from the temperate zones.

Yet the emergence of science on the subject of the effects and problems caused by poor indoor air quality is late in happening. But as people suffer more and the connections between our indoor air and many lung-based disease processes becomes better known, the demand for solutions has risen.

One common-place answer is the use of an air purifier or air quality system (AQS). The modern air purifiers like the Vornado AQS are a far removal and improvement from the big hulking, loud blowers you would see in past decades.

They always keep them away because they found a home at the residence of an older relative. They looked like they should have been in a hospital room with the gray appearance and big clunky dials. They made a lot of noise yet never seemed to make you feel like you were breathing any better. The room usually still stunk.

Today's models have graduated to a smaller sleeker size and style. The Vornado AQS and competitiveness decisions use special technology to have maximum reach throughout the room (rather than in the small area right near the machine itself)

The Vornado AQS uses what it calls vortex technology. This technology allows for efficient purification over a room-wide area through the effective use of electromagnetic properties. Basically taking the power of invisible static electricity to better grab and filter impurities that would otherwise remain in the air.

Many models, Vornado AQS being one of them, run on an energy-efficient system with multi-speed control which allow for the machine to sleep when the air purification goals have been completed in the room.

Additionally, consumers who are in the market should be on the look out for an easy to change filter system for simple clean maintenance.

These advances are grabbing hold of the industry and transforming it. Consumers would do well to keep these issues in mind when determining a buying choice.