If you are wondering how to get alkaline water, you may already know that naturally occurring sources have a more neutral pH level. It's around 7.5, so it has a slight alkalinity due to dissolve minerals, which function as electrolytes within our bodies.

But there is no naturally occurring source with a pH of 10, 11 or 12. So, drinking something with an alkalinity like that is simply unnatural. How could it possibly be good for you?

The claims made by companies that sell ionizers and those that sell ionizing drops are interesting. One of the more interesting they say is that drinking a beverage with a higher alkalinity can help with acid reflux. Well, it is possible I suppose, at least temporarily.

Milk of magnesia and baking soda have a pH level of 10 and 9, respectively. Those things have been recommended for indigestion for many years. But I have talked to many acid reflux sufferers who found that a tablespoon or shot glass full of white vinegar was actually more effective. The acidity of vinegar varies, but most white distilled vinegar has a pH level around 2.4.

So, if you wanted to know how to get alkaline water, because you think it might help acid indigestion, you can see there are problems with that thinking. When you eat something acidic, your body produces more bicarbonate. That is probably the reason that vinegar helps with acid reflux. It makes use of your body's own ability to balance itself.

Another thing the marketers claim is that drinking something with a higher alkalinity could help reduce your risk of cancer. That does not make sense. Bleach has a pH level of 13 and it can kill you.

Right now, the subject of how to get alkaline water is a popular topic. Hopefully the popularity will end soon. The health problems that could be caused by ionizers are numerous. Many people think they can be used to improve the safety of tap water and that is not true.

The contaminants present in freshwater supplies are truly dangerous. Exposure to them is accompanied by an increased risk of cancer. There are effective home purifiers that remove all of the dangerous contaminants. A person may spend money on a worthless ionizer and never invest in a home water purifier. That's the real shame of it.

Here's all I have to say about how to get alkaline water. Do not bother. Get a good water purifier instead.