So, you have chosen to live in a different way, to change your very culture and where you live. If you have opted to live in the sticks, or on a small holding, or where there is no water supply or electricity, the most needed commodity in this modern world. The most important in this world is good, clean water on tap, people need lots of water. And not only for washing and for basic hygiene, but also for drinking water. If you live in an area where there is no source of water, natural or unnatural, then you have to create a water supply system. This is an idea of ​​how I would feed a water supply to my house if I did not live near a river, or the main supply pipe line, or any other place where you will find a water supply.

First, I would suggest, fit gutters on the facia boards of the roof on your house, in such a way so that the water flows down toward the gutters. Then, at the corner of the house, place a tank to gather the water, one at the back, and one at the front. Those tanks are big; they should carry five thousand liters. Then, buy another five thousand liter tank, and construct a tower, about four meters high. That third tank, you place at the top of the tank so that you will have some water pressure in your house.

The two tanks gathering water from the gutters will feed the main tank at the top of the tower. You need to lay water pipes in such a way to feed the main tank on the tower. The pipe line feeding the tower can be the normal pipe size that you would use with your normal sewerage pipeline. Then, you route the pipeline from the gathering tanks and connect them to a centrifugal pump. That pump will feed the tank on the tower. But the pressure of the pump might not be sufficient for the water to reach the tower, so you might have to add a second pump and connect it in series so that you may increase the water pressure. The gathering pumps feed the tower.

The tower is your main supply, so you can use the normal standard pipe connected to the water supply to your house. The first time you fill the tanks, you will have to buy water from a water tank. Then, you fill up the tanks gathering from the gutters. Using the pumps, you fill up the tower. Then, you will want to have clean, hygienic and fresh water, but there are many germs that grow in water, especially standing water, so you need to clean your water supply. You may want to use the usual method of having clean water, pool chemicals like chlorine, it can come in a tablet form, and then you just throw it in the tank. If you want to go it all the way with the alternative way, buy some black liquor. I suggest throw it in all three tanks to ensure a good result. Two liters per tank is sufficient. And it sure tastes better than chlorine, as your water supply will also include your drinking water supply.