Since growing plants using hydroponics involves growing them without using soil, the hydroponic nutrients you use are of particular importance. It is important to purchase the products that you need to successfully grow your plants in this manner from hydroponic stores. These stores will be able to provide you with the advanced nutrients you need for your plants to thrive in a healthy manner.

A key component that has become a staple in this method of growing plants are hydroponic fertilizers. Unlike traditional materials that are used for this purpose, you must carefully choose the materials based on factors such as how well they are at controlling fungus and gnats. These pests can make it difficult for your plants to thrive in their watery environment.

Coco peat is just such a material. It is virtually fungus free. In addition, it can be mixed with a variety of different other materials, including fertilizers, to make an ideal environment for growing plants using water. Coco peat can actually be reused so that very fact extends its usefulness in a manner that is essentially unmatched by other materials. For this reason, it makes an ideal medium for distributing advanced nutrients.

Available at hydroponic stores, hydroponic nutrients provide for the unique needs of plants that must extract all of the things that are necessary for their growth from the water that their roots grow in. By purchasing these items from a store that specializes in them, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what your plants need in order to thrive. These specialists also know that traditional types of elements will not work in this situation.

Although you can mix up your own elements, this is best left to a highly knowledgeable person who has a number of years in the success of growing plants in this manner. Even these people still consult with the highly trained specialists that work with these nutrients at hydroponic stores on a daily basis. They are your first line of support when you have a question about which product is right for your particular situation.

In addition, the staff at a store such as this will be able to help you trouble shoot any issues that you might find that arise as you move on further in your quest to help your plants thrive in a watery environment rather than in the traditional soil laden environment that most people are more familiar with.