I'm constantly surprised that in today's “information age”, the majority of people do not recognize how important water really is. Did you know that our bodies are made of 70% water? Even when people hear this, somehow it's disregarded. Imagine if you put water in the gas tank of your car how poorly it would work. (It would back-fire, not run properly, maybe not even start). Well, in contrast to that, we have chemicals put in with our water.

If you're drinking water water, yes it's free which is a positive – but the down side is that it's acidic (between 6-6.5 pH on average. Your tap water also contains significant amounts of chlorine. How chlorine works is that it's highly effective at killing things but it does not distinguish between cells so it also kills the friendly bacteria in your gut! Most regions in the United States and Canada have tap water that contains other chemicals / pharmaceuticals / heavy metals, etc. This is literally poison that we just drink without questioning.

Some people refute ionized water as having benefits because of 2 reasons:

# 1 – Your body already regulates your blood pH no matter which type of water you drink. This is true but what is not discussed is that your body's “pH buffers” have to work on over-time to boost your alkalinity when you're too acidic. Also, these pH buffers utilize the minerals in your body to increase your alkalinity levels (contributing to a growing epidemic of mineral deficiencies).

# 2 – Some say that Alkaline Water is bad for you because it neutralizes the pains in your stomach which are necessary to break down your food. This is not accurate either because the only time that hydrochloric acid is released into your stomach is when you're eating. That's why you're not supposed to drink water with your meals! Is it becoming clearer that Alkalinized Water is not a scam?

Drinking high pH water from an alkaline water machine is a very effective way to allow your body to have a higher immune system. When your pH buffers are not working overtime, your body is able to perform other important task more effectively and does not have to take to rob the minerals from parts of your body to increase your alkalinity. That's like robbing Peter to pay Paul!

The best way to know for 100% certyty that alkaline water has many positive effects, is to start drinking it and see for yourself. If you're not yet ready to purchase a machine, you can find a friend who has one and fill up bottles or your local water ionizer rep. After 3 weeks of drinking this water I'm certain you will feel the difference.