You may not think of it often, but how many times have you walked through a dust cloud or driven through an area with thick dust? This semi-normal occurrence can pose serious health risks because dust may be composed of harmful pollutants that can cause unwanted effects. Imagine driving your car near a busy construction site where workers and heavy equipment are pounding away at a structure. All of that dust coming from the machines could be filled with dangerous chemicals like asbestos, fiber glass and other tiny fibers.

It may not even cross your mind when you come into contact with dust, but big dust clouds can carry unknown toxins that could result into undesired health effects. The next time you travel by a cloud of dust, think about what could be in it. Breathing those chemicals in is a major health concern for obvious reasons but how do you avoid dust?

We're not talking about the dust that accumulates on your furniture where you can take a can of Pledge and get rid of it; we are talking about the type of dust you can experience from the above situations. Controlling an environment like a construction zone, a unfinished road, dirt parking lot or anywhere else dust can be kicked up involves some major scientific solutions to help protect people and the environment.

One way to think about it is using an industrial size can of Pledge to minimize the dust accumulation. Now, we all know a huge can of something like this is probably impossible to find and given the fact that it probably is not the most environmentally friendly friendly thing to do, there is an alternative. Dust suppression products are a real thing that are used on construction sites, excavation sites, unpaved roads, pits and quarries, warehouses and even embankments. Because not all dust problems are the same, products like DustGrip and DustGrip Turbo are specifically formulated dust suppressants that are applied to the aforementioned surfaces.

Dust suppression products like these are created with 1 part product and 2 parts water which makes it a biodegradable product that is safe for the environment. It works by changing surface tension which helps it maintain sub-soil moisture for a longer time period than water alone. This allows for a reduced amount of dust accumulation when the surface is disturbed, creating a safer environment in which to work or pass through.