Most people today are dying because of some health related illnesses. One reason of such death is the air pollution. Air pollution is in fact accounting for the many major health effects. Every year, the health of innumerable people is destroyed or set in danger of extinction by air pollution.

Many diverse chemicals in the air have an effect on the human body in really negative ways. Just how sick people will become has depended on what chemicals they are exposed to, in what concentrations, and for how long.

There are many studies that have planned that the number of people being killed annually in the some countries like the United States could have been over 50,000.

Who are highly vulnerable to the diseasesrought about this environmental issue The answer is the older people are the ones who are very susceptible to diseases produced by air pollution. Worse, those older people with heart or lung disorders are under further danger. But still, children and infants are also at grave risk.

Since people are exposed to so many potential hazardous substances, it is a lot hard to know exactly which pollutants are to blame and liable for causing sickness. It is often difficult to cut off those pollutants that are at liability. This is because a mixture of distinct pollutants can step up sickness.

What are the air pollutants that have harmful effects not only to natural ecosystems but also to humans?

One is carbon monoxide; This is a gas and is in air. High levels of carbon monoxide are fatal to humans and, sorry to say, it can not be found out by humans because they could not taste or smell it and can not see it.

Another is sulfur dioxide which is also a gas. It is imperceptible and has a foul, sharp smell. sulfur dioxide reacts easily with other substances in forming destructive compounds, such as sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid, and sulfate particles.

Nitrogen dioxide, a nasty-smelling gas, is another pollutant. Some nitrogen dioxide is naturally formed in the atmosphere through lightning and some could also be produced by plants, soil, and water. On the other hand, only about 1% of the total amount of nitrogen dioxide that is found in our cities' air is created this way.

What are these diseases that are taken about by air pollution?

Various diseases could be set off by this problem without their becoming noticeable for a long time. Diseases such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease may all sooner or later appear in people who are exposed to this type of pollution.